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How to Watch Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Online for Free 2023

Big Brother Naija Season 8 Online

Watching Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) online from anywhere around the globe is the most interesting things the love of the reality show would love to know about. Actually, BBNaija Season 8 has already started in Nigeria. Usually, you can watch it on DSTV channel 198 and GOTV channel 29 via your dish decoder.

However, you might be wondering can I or can I not watch Big Brother Naija online or via mobile app. Whatever the case might be, I want you to know that streaming BBNaija online via Showmax mobile app is simple and free. Following the instructions given in this article will guide you through watching BBNaija Season 8 online anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, do note that watching BBNaija online while On-The-Go cannot only be done on mobile phone, it can also be done on Laptops, Tablets and other streaming devices like Smart TVs and Gaming Console. It’s also noteworthy that you can only watch BBNaija online through ShowMax and DSTv Now, the DStv mobile app available for both Android phone and iOS devices.

Watch Big Brother Naija on DSTV Now

DSTv Now is a mobile application that allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows on DSTV through DSTv Connect ID. Follow the instructions below to watch BBNaija Season 8 online:

  • First of all, download and install DSTv Now App on Google play store for Android phone or Apple App Store if you’re an iPhone users.
  • Launch and open the app. 
  • Create DSTV Connect ID using your DSTV smart card numbers.
  • Login with your Connect ID and tap on the Menu icon in your dashboard.
  • Next, tap on Live TV to view a list of TV channels available for live streaming.
  • Now, select Big Brother Naija Season 8 to begin streaming the Live Broadcast.

These are just the simple steps to watch Big Brother Naija Season 8 online for free using DSTV mobile app with internet connection.

Watch BBNaija Season 8 on ShowMax

Another way to watch Big Brother Naija Season 8 online is through Showmax. This is the first time BBNaija is live on Showmax, benefiting all Africa’s countries and the United Kingdom (U.K.). Here’s how to watch BBNaija Season 8 on Showmax:

  • First of all, to watch BBNaija online, you’ll need to download and install the Showmax app on Google play store or iOS app store.
  • Launch and open the Showmax app on your phone.
  • Login if you’ve already created an account. If not, sign up using a unique username and password, email address and mobile number.
  • When you’re in your dashboard, navigate to Live Broadcast.
  • Tap on Big Brother Naija Season 8 and start streaming.

As you can see, watching BBNAIJA online is simple through Showmax and DSTv Now. You can connect this mobile application to your streaming devices including Smart TVs and Gaming Console to stream in a bigger screen. However, you can also login through web browser to watch the popular reality shows instead of using the mobile apps.

Watch Big Brother Naija on Web Browser

If downloading the Showmax app or DStv Now is a stress for you, you can simply watch BBNaija reality TV shows through web browser. All you have to do is login your DSTv Connect on DSTV Now official website. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Launch Google Chrome or other latest version of web browser.
  • Type now.dstv.com into the search box.
  • Login with your DSTv Connect ID which can be created using DSTV Smart card.
  • Tap on the Menu that indicates Live TV.
  • You will see available Live Channels, scroll down and select Big Brother Naija Season 8 Live Broadcast to start watching.

One of the advantages of streaming TV shows online via web browser is time saving. You’ll also get full quality of the contents with lesser data consumption.

Watch BBNaija Season 8 Online in Canada, U.K. and U.S.

To watch Big Brother Naija Season 8 in the United States of America and Canada, a virtual private network (VPN) is needed to connect to Nigeria server on Showmax. However, a VPN is not required to watch the 2023 reality TV shows in the United Kingdom.

A VPN is needed in the U.S. and Canada for the purpose of bypassing Geo-restriction imposed to non Africa’s countries. Geo-restriction or Geoblocking is the act of totally restricting or limiting access to internet content based on the physical location of the user.

Using a VPN in BBNaija restricted geographical locations will helps mask your device IP address and route your internet connections through a server from Nigeria or other supported countries like South Africa and Ghana. However, you can use free VPN or paid VPN. But, it’s advisable to use the paid one.

Example of VPNs suitable for bypassing Geo-restriction for watching Big Brother Naija Season 8 online are PIA, NordVPN, SurfVPN, ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN.

To watch Big Brother Naija Season 8 online in the United States, Canada or other part of the world,

  • Get a VPN and turn it ON to Nigeria.
  • Login to Showmax via browser (showmax.com)
  • You can also use the Showmax app or DSTV Now.
  • When you’re in your streaming service dashboard, navigate to LIve TV and select Big Brother Naija Season 8 Live Broadcast

I believe with this guide, you’ll be able to conquer the challenges of accessing BBNAIJA online from outside the country. Additionally, do note that this 2023 Big Brother Naija is special because it’s a all Star Editions, and that’s why it’s tagged #BigBrotherNaijaXtra.

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