What is Clear Cache on Snapchat? 

What is Clear Cache on Snapchat
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This article explains what is clear cache on Snapchat. Cache on Snapchat holds your temporal in app data to make Snapchat load faster but sometimes holding to much cache might make the app slow. 

Cache on Snapchat is mostly cleared when you need to free your phone’s storage memory and troubleshoot issues you may encounter with the app. 

Clearing Snapchat cache more often will help the app run smoothly and help you avoid storage issues. 

What is a Cache?

 Cache is a temporary memory that is used to store clients frequently accessed data to improve speed and performance. Cache is mostly used, central processing unit, applications, Operating systems and web browsers. 

Let’s look at an example of how cache works. If a client wants to access data from an app, it will first check the cache. If the data is found on cache it will open faster but if it’s not, the data will be pulled from the main memory which might take a bit longer to open. 

So, this means that when you access data like filters, lenses on Snapchat, the files are stored in your Snapchat cache. Snapchat data stored in cache will load faster than when the data I pulled from your phone’s memory storage. 

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What is Clear Cache on Snapchat?

Clear cache on Snapchat is when you remove unnecessary files to free storage space and increase performance if your Snapchat app is becoming unresponsive or slow. 

When you clear cache files on Snapchat, it increases performance, stops the app from being unresponsive, laggy or slow, and free main memory storage space. 

Clearing cache on Snapchat won’t clear your app data. It will only remove temporarily stored files such as saved filters, lenses, search history and others. Doing this will remove all stuck up files and make the app a light weight. 

When Should You clear cache on Snapchat?

Cache is important, it helps keep data that makes Snapchat perform faster. So, don’t clear the cache when you feel like it. 

You clear cache when you want to troubleshoot problem with the app, free up storage space, when Snapchat is slow or laggy. 

How to clear cache on Snapchat

  • Open Snapchat app on your phone and login to your account. 
  • Tap your Snapchat Bitmoji to open your profile dashboard.
What is Clear Cache on Snapchat
  • Tap the Gear icon ⚙️ (Settings) at the top right corner of the screen. 
Profile Settings
  • Scroll down to Account Actions. Then, tap Clear Cache 
How to clear cache on Snapchat
  • Confirm you want to clear cache and tap Continue on Android, or Clear All on iPhone.
What is Clear Cache on Snapchat

Tip: Android you can easily clear your Snapchat cache from your phone storage settings if you don’t want to do it on the app. 

To do this: Press and hold Snapchat app »»» Tap App info »»» Storage »»» Clear data »»» Clear cache.

You can also do this from the Settings app. 

Clear Cache by uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat app

Uninstalling Snapchat app from your phone (Android or iPhone) will remove all the app cache. But you need to know that doing this will also delete the apps data from your phone. 

So, when you reinstall Snapchat back to your phone. You will have to login again, your messages won’t be saved, lenses and filters you downloaded will be removed.

You should only uninstall Snapchat from your phone when the app becomes unresponsive and too laggy. 

What Happens When you clear cache on Snapchat?

Improve Performance

Clearing cache removes unused files (files that are no longer in use) and makes your Snapchat app faster. If your the app is laggy or unresponsive, when you clear cache, it will increase the app performance. 

Free Up Storage Space

Clearing cache on Snapchat frees your memory storage. If you’re using a phone with low memory space, you will need to frequently clear Snapchat and other apps on your phone. 

Delete Lens and Filters

When you clear cache on Snapchat, it will delete temporary saved lenses and filters stored in the app cache files. You can re-download lenses and filters whenever you want to make use of them again. 

Your conversations, snaps and app data won’t be deleted.

What won’t be deleted when you clear cache on Snapchat?

Your Snapchat app data won’t be cleared alongside your cache. Here is a list of the data that won’t be deleted when you clear cache. 

  • Your snaps and chats, 
  • Search history
  • Scan history
  • Voice scan history
  • Astrological birthdays (your birthday data)
  • Recent products won’t be cleared. 

These data are stored in app data in your phone storage. 

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Cache is vital for Snapchat and other apps. It helps increase the app’s performance. But if you’re using a device with a lesser storage, then you need to be clearing your cache more often to prevent the app from freezing or unresponsive.

Clearing the cache will delete this unnecessary data and free up space on your device, which can help Snapchat run with more speed.

You can also clear cache if you’re having issues with your Snapchat app. It helps resolve common Snapchat problems. You should clear your Snapchat cache ofen storage related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes cache on Snapchat?

New or saved filters or lenses build up your cache. Also snaps, your saved stories, videos, friends stories, thumbnails and new features you use on Snapchat makes up the Snapchat cache.

Is clear data the same as clear cache?

No, cache are temporary files that help your phone or app to run fast and smoothly. But they can be cleared at any time. Clear data on the other hand will delete all of your app data. 

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