How to Rename Apple Watch on iPhone

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How to Change Apple Watch Name

Apple watch users changes their watch name because of identifications purposes. So that they’ll be able to recognize it among other Apple devices. Generally, Apple watch is named after “Apple Watch” or “WatchOS”, so it may be difficult to recognize your wearable whenever you want to connect with your iPhone, especially when another WatchOS is present.

Hence, we’ll explore the process of Apple Watch Name changed in this guide, so that you’ll be able to locate your Apple Watch easily whenever you want to connect with your iPhone or other iOS devices. Whether you’re a old WatchOS user or you just bought your Apple Watch, this guide will details how to change your Apple Watch’s Name in simple steps.

How to rename your WatchOS on iPhone

Kindly follow these steps to change your Apple Watch’s Name on iPhone.

  • Launch the “WatchOS app” on your iPhone,
  • Navigate to “My Watch” section and select “General”,
  • Tap on “About“, then choose “Name“. Here, you’ll be given the privilege to rename your Apple Watch.
  • Input your preferred name e.g “My APPLE WATCH” and hit “Done” to complete your actions.
  • Your Apple Watch Name will now change on all connected devices including MacOS, iPhone and other Watch OS.

However, it’s a noteworthy update that you’ll be able to rename your Apple Watch using this exact method any point in time without limitations or restrictions.

Video: How to Change Apple Watch’s Name.

Renaming Apple Watch

People rename their Apple Watch for fast recognition on other Apple devices. Furthermore, you can change your Apple Watch’s Name to satisfies your preferences or Likings.

In summary, here is the recap of how to change your Apple Watch’s Name on iPhone. Tap on Apple Watch App on your iPhone > My Watch >> About >>> Name, then input your preferred name to rename your WatchOS.

Do let us know if this guide has actually helped you rename your Apple Watch. We’ll be glad to see your comments below. Cheers!

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