Get instant $30 Every 5 Minutes! Taking online Surveys *no limit*(from PayPal Money 2023)

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In this article I’ll be showing us how I made thirty dollars($30) in five minutes using just my phone and cashed out directly into my bank account, straight up this is no joke,

I posted about this on my community Tab and a lot of people have been going crazy over, it I got this email from a certain website I signed up to not so long ago saying

“there were a market research company and they were reaching out to past survey takers to see if they’re available for another paid survey.”

Can online survey make you money?

I was kind of skeptical about it and I was just about to swipe the email to my trash folder until I saw just how much they were paying, ($30)thirty dollars for a quick online survey so of course you know I had to give it a shot come on I had to.

How do Online Survey make money

  • so I went on to the website answer all the questions and as soon as I was done, sure enough. I received an email with instructions on how to claim my 30 reward.

I selected my preferred payment method and boom thirty dollars was instantly credited into my prepaid card that I could spend on whatever I wanted, I never had to rack up points or anything like that I was paid instantly in Cold Hard Cash, All of this happened within just a few minutes and really, you can see that there are still online survey websites out there,

Which Online Survey pays the most

Online Surveys Website that will pay you quite well for your time and in this Article, I’m gonna show you three survey websites that you can use to take short surveys online and make an easy ($30) thirty dollars per day,

How much can I get per survey

if you could take just one survey like this per day for a month, That’s already nine hundred dollars in extra income from only a few minutes of work.
Most of these websites are working all over the world so you can sign up for wherever you are watching this video from you can cash out using PayPal, Gift cards and Prepaid cards. if you don’t have PayPal in your country.

where to take online Survey for money

There is no excuse for you not to make money here this time, so I hope you’re ready for this one but just before we get into this Article quickly tap HERE to subscribe and Follow, if you’re new here and let’s get right into the Main Topic.

Best 3 online survey for money

  1. NewtonX
  2. Branded
  3. Surveoo

1. NewtonX: So the first website we’re going to talk about is the ones that paid me the $30 I Told you guys earlier and it’s called, now NewtonX is not like your average survey site in fact I wouldn’t even call it a survey site at all,

what is NewtonX

NewtonX matches the world’s toughest questions with the only minds who know the answers. we find the right subject matter from an open network of 1.1 billion professionals. To do this, we use the most sophisticated search engine in the research industry.

NewtonX Legitimate

NewstonX is a legitimate it’s more of the market research platform that connects survey takers, to these massive institutions that need access to data from specific audiences.

NewtonX Leading B2B Marketing Research Company

They say it here that they are the leading B2B research company and I wouldn’t doubt it because as you can see down here, NewtonX has worked with some of the most powerful companies out there such as;

Blackstone and Microsoft and getting started on NewtonX as a survey taker is pretty straightforward,

Where to Sign Up as a Survey Taker: NewtonX

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click for professionals

This is the page that will let you sign up as a survey taker or a professional on this platform and something important you have to know is that they will pay you for doing two different activities on NewtonX.

What deal should I take on NewtonX

NewtonX has two types of deals you can take are;

Remote Consultations: the first one is remote consultations,

This one pays a lot more than surveys because they will actually allow you to participate in a one-on-one consultation or a small group discussion either over the phone or on video.

how Do they Pay With Remote Consultation

After you are done with the consultation they’re gonna send you a link to enter your preferred payment method and you will get paid instantly no questions asked, The remote consultations will pay you in cash straight to your bank account or to your PayPal account.

NewtonX regularly Surveys;

This is there regular surveys that are short response multiple choice questions, upon completion you will get paid directly into a gift card of your choice

NewtonX how do they pay with Surveys?

This one does not pay cash as soon as you’re done answering you will get paid the promised amount instantly.

How Do I Sign Up: NewtonX

so just scroll all the way down to the page right here and you will find the sign up form

Just fill out your details and your best email you can add in your LinkedIn URL if you have one if you don’t have one you can just sign up that way but if you do have a LinkedIn URL,

Why should I link my LinkedIn to NewtonX

it will help boost your profile and boost your application to get your accepted a lot faster that tells them you are more of a professional and every professional should have a LinkedIn profile, If you don’t have one you could quickly go create one and just put it in your signup form or just submit your application as it is you could still get accepted because of course,

Which Country do NewtonX accept for Sign up

They’re looking for users from all over the world from different backgrounds and different demographics and as soon as your application is accepted, you will start getting emails from Newton X if there are available surveys to take and you don’t even need to worry about setting up a payment profile on Newton X.

what is NewtonX payout Method

as soon as you’re done taking your survey they’re gonna send you a code to redeem for cash and then redirect you to this website called “my prepaid Center”

MyPrepaidCenter: This is the website where you can redeem the code as a prepaid card and get paid you can see my own prepaid card right here, That I created after I got paid from NewtonX,

How does NewtonX pay

so they’re going to create a prepaid card right here for you,
loaded with the exact amount that you were paid for that survey and you can just use this card like a regular MasterCard online, buy whatever you want or Contact @tutcashout on telegram to spend the amounts on the card and pay you and as soon as you’re done spending your card you can pretty much delete the card and when you do get another payment from Newton X.
you can create another card and spend it as you please.

2. Branded survey

Another high paying survey site on my list today is branded surveys

Branded: this one lets you take surveys and cash out straight to your PayPal account instantly.

How do Branded pay you

They have low withdrawal thresholds which means that you get to cash out a lot more frequently and hey if you don’t have a PayPal account you can also cash out using a gift card of your choice.

How do i sign Up For Branded Survey

To sign up just go to it will take you straight to a page and you can pretty much just sign up, for a new account on branded surveys.

How can I use Branded Survey

They actually have an app you can download on your phone as you can see right here;

As soon as your account is approved, you will be presented with all the surveys that are currently available, for you to take and start making money instantly.

how do they calculate my Job?

They use a Point based system here so you’re gonna have to rack up points to actually cash out your money here, but it’s pretty easy to earn these points and there are usually tons of surveys available depending on the time of day, the season and your location, so you can simply click on a survey here.

They’re even going to show you what details in your profile qualified you for that survey and you’re also going to see how long it will take you to finish that particular survey and how much you make here will of course depend on how much time you have on your hands.
However branded surveys does not work worldwide at the moment and it only accepts users from just a few countries, you can comment your country below.

so I can confirm if the website is going to work in your location.

3. Surveoo

last but not least is a survey website that pays you cash instead of points and it’s called

How can I make money with Surveoo

This is actually a newer survey website that promises to pay you up to 300 Euros every single month just taking surveys on their platform, You can earn up to seven euros per survey as it says up here and one thing

Best of Surveoo

I like about surveoo is because it’s new they do have a lot of surveys always available, on your account to take every single day.

Can Everyone use Surveoo

This website works worldwide and you can sign up from anywhere in the world

how do I sign up to Surveoo?

To do that just open your browser open this url come up on your screen, fill out your details then click continue and you will get immediate access into your dashboard.

How long will I wait to get approved?

There’s no waiting period you will get access straight away and start taking surveys in instantly,

This is what the dashboard looks like here is where you can see how much money you’ve been making recently and how many surveys you’ve been taking in the past couple of days.
This is a brand new account that I created you have to make this Article and to get access to your surveys, you can look up your screen click where it says “access to paid surveys”

how do I take survey on surveoo?

Right away you can see that we have seven surveys available to take on this account, you can see how much they’re paying some are paying 45 cents,47 cents, 70 cents.
you can see here that they say “every hour and every day they have new surveys being added” to their website.
so you know you will never run out of surveys to take which is a good thing because they don’t pay so well, you want to have a constant flow of surveys to keep taking in order to continue growing your account.

how much money can I make taking survey on surveoo?

Here on this screen you can even see other users inside the website and how much they have been making in their local currency and you see that these users are from all over the world cashing out every single day on this platform, so of course this website will pay you out and all it needs from you is your time.
If you can spend a couple minutes on this website per day it will definitely add up and you will be cashing out in no time.

How to make money every single day?

so there you have it your very own cheat code to earn an easy 30 or more every single day, taking surveys online.
Of course you can’t rely on one platform for consistent surveys to make money with this method.

I gave you three websites today so you can stay consistent across all of them and keep your earnings coming in from multiple sources.
if you have a couple minutes of free time on the bus, home or on the train or on a flight or maybe you’re taking a stroll down the street just load up these websites and make some quick cash it’s definitely gonna add up if you stay consistent.


so definitely go out there and try this if you have any questions about any other websites we just talked about drop them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can if you’re new here make sure you Follow to my Channel. so you can get access to all my future Article and if you want to get paid an instant twenty dollars from just one app then Check on my Next post on This Website.

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