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Nigeria Banks Session IDs: How to get Session ID of All Banks

Session ID in Bank

Session IDs are unique identification numbers that’s attached to every successful and unsuccessful transactions in a bank account. A session ID is used to trace and track every transaction entry in a financial institution.

A session ID is a 30-digit codes that’s generated whenever a transaction is initiated in a bank account. It doesn’t matter whether the transaction is successful or not, once the payment is initiated, it must possess a Session ID.

Session ID is also known as Transaction ID. However, it’s entirely different from reference ID number. The reference ID is a unique referral code of a person that refer you to a specific bank. Meanwhile, when filling account opening form, you can omit reference number space if you don’t have one.

Transaction session ID of banks are what I’m going to walk you through in this article. Many bank users have been asking so many questions about bank session ID. Especially, how to get Session ID of a Bank Account.

Now, without much Ado, let’s dive into how to get 30-digits session ID of all Banks in Nigeria.

Access Bank 30 Digit Session ID

To get your transaction session ID from your Access Bank Account, kindly login to your mobile banking app, then navigate to the transaction page on your dashboard.

Search and click on the transaction receipt in question to view more information about the transfer. In the transaction receipt, you’ll find the session ID.

You can also get Access Bank session ID on Transaction History >> Recipient through Internet banking. Moreso, if you’re the type that receives alert via email, you can get your session ID on the receipt sent to your email.

UBA 30 Digit Session ID

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is the popular Financial institution in sub-sahara Africa. The bank gives easy-to-use services to it customers, including the transaction session ID.

You can simply get your transaction session ID on UBA mobile app, iBank and through receipt sent to Email.

To get your 30-digit session ID on UBA mobile app, login to your account using your user ID and password. Tap on transaction history and search and click on the transaction receipt in question.

Next, tap on the receipt to view more details about the payment. In there, you’ll find your transaction session ID.

Furthermore, you can login to your UBA iBank Account online, tap on transaction page, search for the particular receipt to view the session ID.

Lastly, you can also get your UBA 30 digit session ID from receipt sent to your registered email. CLICK here to learn how to link email address to your UBA Account.

GTBank Session ID

GTB session ID is a 30 digits unique code that’s attached to every transaction receipt in GTBank Account. To get the session ID is simple. It can be done in two simple ways.

  1. Get session ID via GTWORLD Mobile App
  2. Find session ID via GTBank Receipt sent to your Email Address

To get your session ID via GTworld mobile app, login using your User ID and password, navigate to transaction history and search for the particular receipt you want to get the session ID.

Tap on it to view the receipt full details. In there, you’ll find your 30-digits session ID.

Next, if you receive alerts and notifications via Email/Gmail, you can simply find your session ID by opening your Gmail app, use the search box to find the particular transaction receipt in question, tap on it to view more details. There, you’ll your transaction session ID.

However, if Email Address is not linked to your GTBank Account, you can simply do that by following this our full tutorial about “How to Link Email to GTBank Account

Kudabank Session ID

To get Kuda Bank transaction session ID is a very simple task to do. You can simply find/get Kuda session ID through the Kuda app.

To do that, login to your Kuda Bank App. Scroll down the home page to find the transaction receipt in question.

Tap on the receipt to view more details about the transaction. Here, you’ll find the receipt session ID or Transaction ID.

Read this tutorial to learn how to change Kuda Bank Phone Number.

First Bank Session ID

Usually, ways of getting session ID from banks are similar. It either you get it from mobile banking app or via internet banking online or via receipt sent to email.

First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) is not an exception in these methods. You can certainly get your transaction session ID from First Bank App or you can get it online if you’ve activated your internet banking.

You can also get your First Bank 30 Digit Session ID from receipts sent to your email address. However, you must have activated alerts and notifications via email before you could get transaction receipt in your email address.

If you haven’t activate alerts and notifications via Email, you can read our in-depth analysis on how to link email to First Bank Account Online.

Zenith Bank Session ID

Zenith Bank session ID can be used in any financial institutions in Nigeria to trace and track any successful and unsuccessful transactions. For instance, if you’re debit and your recipient didn’t receive the money, a session ID will be used to trace and track the funds.

That’s exactly how to use session ID in Banks. To get session ID in Zenith Bank Account, login to your mobile banking app and navigate to transaction history, then search the particular receipt and tap on it to view the session ID.

Furthermore, you can generate and download your transaction receipt for future reference of the session ID.

However, if you don’t know how to generate receipt on Zenith Bank Mobile app, kindly follow our guides in how to generate transaction receipt on Zenith Bank Account.

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