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How to use OPAY to receive Dollar from Abroad

How to receive money from abroad to OPay wallet using WorldRemit

Can I receive Dollar in my OPAY Account? Infact, can I use OPay to receive money from abroad? All possible questions you might want to ask about OPay Dollar Account has been discussed in this article. Although, OPAY doesn’t have a dollar account but here’s how to receive dollars with OPay, in your Naira Account and with good dollar rate.

Highlighting the list of countries using OPAY, I discovered that the fintech company has emerging markets across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan. Meanwhile, these are not enough reasons for OPay to receive money from abroad. So, what is the trick behind this OPay dollar account?

Well, it’s simple but before I dig down the rabbit hole, let’s learn more about OPay as a payment service. OPAY is an E-payment mobile money service that offers almost all banking services to customers. Using OPay app, you can perform money transfer, pay bills, buy airtime and top up data, subscribe to cable TVs, request for Loans and many others.

However, to get started using the OPay app, you’ll need to get the mobile application from your favorite app store, then register an account and complete your KYC verification to remove all limit an restrictions.

Furthermore, there are many questions and queries online about OPay Dollar Account. Many people are asking that “can OPay receive dollar from abroad?” Well, that question will be answered in the next section.

Can I receive Dollar in my OPay Account?

Yes, with the help of the partnership between OPAY and WorldRemit, you can receive money from abroad. The two payment platforms partnered to offer international mobile money transfer services.

The partnership between OPay and WorldRemit will let you with a fast, easy and more affordable way to receive money from over 50 countries including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada, and in major currencies including USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, EURO, YEN e.t.c., directly into your OPay mobile wallet.

However, this service was launched in September 2020, and it’s only available to all OPay users on KYC 2 level (Tier2) and above. If you haven’t completed your OPay KYC verification, checkout this guide to verify your account.

Hence, if you have a fully verified OPAY Account, you can receive money from abroad (over 50 countries including United State, United Kingdom, Canada Australia, Asia, e.t.c.) to your OPay Account using WorldRemit as intermediary bank.

How to Receive Dollars with OPAY

Follow the instructions given below to receive money from abroad to your OPay Account.

  • Login to your OPay Account via app using your user ID and password.
  • Copy your account details.
  • Send your OPay Account details to the person sending you money from abroad.
  • The sender make use of WorldRemit to complete the transfer.

However, before you can receive money from abroad to your OPay e-wallet, you’ll need to provide these information to your senders because it’ll be required when they’re making the transfer on WorldRemit.

Here are the requirements to receive money from abroad through WorldRemit:

  1. Legal Full Names: WorldRemit will request your sender to provide your full names that’s available on your National Means of Identification (such as Voter’s Card, National Identity Card, International Passport, Driver’s License and National Identity Number (NIN).
  2. Residential Address: Sender must provide real house address of recipient that must include city, state and country.
  3. Mobile Money Account Number: Sender will include your OPAY Account number when filling the international transfer with WorldRemit. Meanwhile, make sure your OPay Account is fully verified, and account number must be 10-digit only without country code (+234).
  4. Valid Phone Number: Your phone number will also be required by WorldRemit. Provide a valid mobile number, and this can be different from your OPay registered number.

In summary, receiving money (dollars) from abroad to OPay Account has been made easy with the help of the partnership between OPay and WorldRemit. Now, you can receive money from anywhere in the world to your OPay Account.

However, do note that dollars received will be converted to the equivalent in Naira before it’s been credited to your OPay Account balance.

OPAY and WorldRemit

OPay is a leading mobile money (MMO) and financial technology platform in Nigeria. It’s launched in August 2018 to focus on the unbanked population in Nigeria. Currently, the mobile money service has a network of 300,000 agents, 5 million registered app users, and an ever-increasing range of financial and related services for Nigerians.

WorldRemit is a leading international payments service that allow customers to send money to countries in world, including the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Asia, Zimbabwe, and India, as well as choose whether transfer is received as a bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money, and airtime top-up. The company was founded in 2009.

The payment company has enabled receiver of international payments to OPay users who has completed their KYC verification.


List of Countries using OPAY?

Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico and Pakistan are the countries of the world using OPay as payment service.

Can OPay receive Money from Abroad?

Yes, you can receive money from abroad to your OPay Account using WorldRemit as intermediary bank.

What is OPAY Dollar Account?

OPay dollar account is not available for OPay customers. It’s only used to keep records of all international payment on the WorldRemit platform.

Can I receive dollars in my OPay Account?

No, you cannot receive dollars or any foreign currency directly into your OPAY Account, you can only receive money from abroad using WorldRemit and the funds will be converted in the equivalent to Naira at current rate.


As you can see, receiving money from abroad to your OPay wallet is simple. By using WorldRemit, you can simply accept your dollar payment into your OPAY Account balance. Meanwhile, any foreign currency received will be converted in the equivalent to Naira before it been added to your OPay balance.

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