Images and Videos Are Now Available in Brave Search

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Brave Search for Images and Videos

The popular privacy-focused search engine, Brave Search has rolled out image and video features in it search engine. This development is aimed at putting a stop to its dependency on Bing’s index that requires searchers to exit brave to Bing for images and videos results.

In other words, Brave searchers will no longer have to be redirected to Bing if they want images and videos search results. Rather, the images or videos search results will now be provided directly from Brave Search’s own independent index, Techcrunch report.

If you can recap Brave’s April announcement regarding its image and video search engine, the software company and browser maker stated that it would no longer use Bing’s index, which stats shows that it represented 7% of all query results in overall search engines. However, on Tuesday, 1st of August, Brave launched its image and video search engine which are now available on the web at and via its browser.

Furthermore, according to Brave, images and videos results will now be served, offered or fetched through Brave Search API that’s launched not quite long ago. Previously, while Brave image and video search engine is still in developing mode, images and vidoes search results were served in the same format through redirection to Google Search or Bing Search.

Brave, in a press release stated that the redirect ideas for image and video was not suitable for good user’s experience. Nevertheless, it has to be implemented as “a temporary decision to help users find results with lesser stress”, while the company worked to provide a sustainable, privacy-preserving, and independent image and video search option.

Here's how images and videos search queries look on Brave Search

Image and Video Search Engine is a web-based search engine which visits online resources – basically images, videos, and other visual files with a crawler bot built specially for visual contents crawling. 

Meanwhile, do note that some image and video search engines serve contents from external hosting while others allow content to be uploaded and hosted on their own servers. Additionally image and video search engines enables users to search by format, type and by length if it’s a video. Video search results are usually fulfilled by a thumbnail size of the video.

However, for Brave Search’s Image and Video Search Engine, the company stated that the feature is still being improved. Hence, searchers should be cautioned about advanced filters like license type or aspect ratio which will not be immediately available. But these will be included as soon as possible, the company cited.

Furthermore, Brave has noted the benefits of using Brave Search for images and videos queries. The company highlighted that searchers will benefits from increase speed, security and privacy which are yet to present in other search engines. Brave said it’s on a mission to emerge as a user-first Web.

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