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Who owns Payday App: Here’s the Biography of the Founder and CEO of Payday

Payday Mobile Application
Payday App

Payday, a Neobank in Nigeria; a cross-border remittance payment service for African; a multiple currencies app that offers virtual cards to users, was founded and own by Favour Ori, a 24-years old software engineer from Nigeria.

Favour Ori is the founder and CEO of Payday. He also founded FavCode54, a non-profit tech company that’s built to equip the next generation of Africans with the knowledge and resources required to become experts in software development.

Payday app founder and CEO - Favour Ori
Favour Ori – Founder and CEO of Payday

Favour is a young Entrepreneur that’s always thriving to help young people in Africa develop their coding skills and connect them with the right tech jobs. Not long ago, Favour launched the latest version of Payday, v3.0, which aims to further connect Africa to the world and make cross border payments much easier.

Payday 3:0 will facilitate faster and easier transfer of money and also allow users to spend their money freely without limitations with the Payday virtual USD card which has both the Mastercard and Visa card option. – Favour Ori, Founder and CEO, PAYDAY.

The 24-years old man, Favour Ori has already made significant contributions to the tech industry in Africa by founding two great platforms; Payday, a Fintech platform for African remittance services, and FavCode54, a tech company that offers a variety of courses and training programs to individuals who are interested in learning how-to-code.

Although, the Payday app’s founder net worth has not been reviewed and cannot be calculated for now. You’re welcome to come back for update about his net worth. Furthermore, Favour has worked wth technology companies like Facebook, IBM, Instagram, Google, Apple, Snapchat, among others.

In addition to Payday app v3.0 launch, Favour made mention that the app was rebranded to solve all Africans’ financial needs. “The plan has always been to provide financial services to Africans everywhere, with the unveiling of the 3:0 version, we are a step closer to actualizing our mission”, he added.

More, so, the latest Payday app comes with some exciting features including multiple currencies, paytag, payment links, bills payments and virtual cards of various type such as MasterCard, VISA Card and Verve Cards, that are denominated in Naira and Dollar.

In summary, Favour Ori is the Founder and CEO of Payday app. He is a young entrepreneur who is using his skills and passion for technology to make a difference in Africa. His work with Payday is inspiring and a testament to the power of African’s remittances. By building a cross-border remittance for Africans with the necessary tool like Payday app, Favour Ori is paving the way to boost financial inclusion in the continent.

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