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Get Paid $10.84 EVERY 5 MINS! *Free* (Make Money Online 2023)

All right so this is going to be a really quick Article now I found this website right here that will pay you up to $10 every 5 minutes just for recording videos on your smartphone this is a completely new one I have not talked about this website before and it is super super simple to earn money on this platform if you know how to record videos on your smartphone and you go to your local supermarket or grocery store

At least once per week that is all that you need to actually make money with this website as you can see right here.

as soon as you download their app straight to your device they’re going to send you a notification just like this,

to let you know that you can earn $10 just to record a video with your device they’re going to indicate where you should record that video it could be at your local supermarket or a local store that’s close to you and you will see

Exactly how much you will earn in total for recording that video and uploading it to this app it’s super simple and you can pretty much do this on your way home or on your way to work or something it’s literally easy money because it takes zero effort to do this especially when you’re out.

and about and I’m going to show you another website just like this that will also pay you for shopping at your local supermarket so that’s right if you actually want to buy stuff for Free, at your Supermarket I will show you another website that will pay you to do that so the first Website we will be looking at is going to pay you to take video surveys on their website,

Different Websites to Take Surveys.

so it’s a lot different from the surveys you may be used to as you can see right here these are what some other people are posting here on the platform it’s literally a home video that you can record on your smartphone showing whatever items that they specify, in the Notification that will be sent to your smartphone,

so this is just a woman showing a particular product that she was given here’s another person over here,

who may have been asked to go to a particular store to record a video showing some certain items this company actually works with brands that need their products shown by real users just like you and that is exactly why they are willing to pay for this and so the website that we are looking at right now

1• Is called Producttube.com this website will pay you for going to your local supermarket and taking videos of certain items, they pay very well and you will earn money for uploading videos of said items onto their app as you can see right here you can download the app straight to your iOS device or your Android device by clicking over here

Can This App Work Worldwide?

it works in about 32 countries so it’s not worldwide just yet but it does work in a good amount of Countries and if you live in any major country out there you should be able to sign up and earn money here on this platform and how it works is very very simple all you have to do is to download product to you on your mobile phone in order to get started and immediately they will start sending you invites just like this to participate in any of the video surveys that they currently have,

as soon as you accept these you can easily upload videos into their app,

How to Use the App

Following the instructions that they will give to you and finally you will earn money as you do this on their app,

How can I Get Paid with This App?

They’re actually going to pay you via Amazon gift cards that you can of course spend on whatever you want,

so unfortunately they’re not going to pay you cash with this one after all it is a shopping based app and you will have to cash out using shopping bonus but of course you can easily use your Amazon gift cards to pick up some nice Black Friday deals over on Amazon

Can I Shop Online With my Earnings?

it’s pretty much perfect timing because you will be shopping a lot on Amazon right now and what better way to take advantage of all these deals than grabbing some free cash over on a website like producttube.com

How Can I Have access to This Website?

so just go over to producttube.com to download the app straight to your device by clicking over here get it installed and sign up for an account immediately so you can start getting paid to take video surveys on your smartphone and

The Next app we’ll be looking at is one that will pay you to actually shop at your local supermarket

2• so the second app is called instacart.com so it does not work worldwide just yet but it will pay you to complete orders for other people inside of their app and you will earn money for every single delivery that you make here

How do I Earn On instacart.com

on the platform it’s super simple how it works to Simply create an account here and as soon as your account is verified they Will start sending you orders inside of your account that you can complete by going to your local stores like Walmart Costco and other stores like this and basically just shopping for items that you were given inside of that order it’s very simple and you can easily incorporate this into your normal schedule whenever you do go out for your own shopping you could also shop for someone else inside of this app and earn money just like this so this one is also

When Can I Start?

Pretty simple to get started with as soon as you go on to instacart.com just come up here and click sign up and fill out this little form so you can get your account verified to start receiving orders here on the website we as you can see right here you must be at least 18 or older to sign up and you should have a Canada address and bank account to be able to verify your account so let me know which of these apps you will be signing up with would you rather go with

Product tube that will pay you to take video surveys on certain items without ever having to spend money on anything or would you rather go out and purchase items for other people in order to get paid let me know which of these sounds like a better deal for you if you have any questions about anything we’ve talked about in this article so far go ahead and drop your questions right below in the comment section and I will get back to you guys as soon as I can.

Have a ton of new Articles coming up very soon on the Website to teach you guys more ways to make money online so definitely Follow, Subscribe & Like and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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