Best Tech Paying Jobs That Requires Little Computing Knowledge in South Africa

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Tech jobs in South Africa are seeing significant boost in 2023. According to report and analysis by a UK-headquatered South African recruitment company, Michael Page Group, the most in-demand tech paying jobs are onces that doesn’t require in-depth computing or programming or coding knowledge.

I know that I have left you with a question that “can those easiest jobs in IT field be in-demand for the next five (5) years in South Africa? Whatever your question maybe about high in-demands tech jobs in South Africa, this article will explain everything to you in full details.

Tech Jobs in South Africa

Talking about tech paying jobs that are most in-demand in South Africa, you should be counting on data scientist, cloud computing engineering, software development and engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cyber security, mobile app development, e.t.c.

Meanwhile, these jobs are high in demands and offers mouth-watering monthly pays but you must have in-depth knowledge about computer science to get job position. Hence, as technology become the fastest growing industry in South Africa, acquiring or learning skills are required to become experts in the industry.

However, there are some tech paying jobs in South Africa that doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of computer science. Just the basic, and you good to go. The job opportunities we’re about to review to you in this article can be in high demand for the next five (5) years in country. Moreso, you can learn the in-depth tech skills to become a tech bro and get a more paying career job in South Africa.

Tech Jobs in South Africa with Little or No Computing Knowledge

Here is the list of In-demand Tech Paying Jobs that requires little or no computing knowledge in South Africa;

1. Tech Journalism

Tech Journalism or Technology Journalism is a professional career in Blogging Industry. As a Tech Journalist you must be committed to writing news and insights about what’s happening in technology industries, and interviewing startups and their stakeholders.
Tech Journalism is one of the easiest IT jobs that doesn’t require any coding or programming knowledge. Furthermore, this tech job offers high pays salary and it’s high in-demand in South Africa. An Average Tech Journalist gets around R40,000 per month.

2. Marketing and Sales

This position is categorized among the top in-demand jobs in South Africa. Marketing and Sales is an essential department in every companies and start-ups include Tech companies. When it comes to products sales and revenue generations, people with marketing skills are required not people with in-depth or basic computing knowledge.
In marketing and sales fields, there are lots of career jobs you can get without knowing how to code or program a computer. Here are no-code tech jobs your can do in Marketing and Sales Department:

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Digital and Content Marketing
  5. Business Development
  6. Key Accounting Management (priotize to head office level)

Meanwhile, these career jobs require technical expertise than one another. But, they’re all tech jobs that doesn’t require in-depth computing knowledge.
An average Marketing and Sales representative gets R142 per hour.

3. Graphics Designing

Being a talented or skilled graphics designer will surely put food on your table in South Africa. Although, there are some certain areas in designing field that requires basic computing knowledge e.g web development, but if you’re interested in designing graphics in tech and you don’t have any coding or programming knowledge, here are specialized area just for you:

  1. Brand Imaging
  2. Products Designing
  3. Banner Makings
  4. Designing Ads
  5. Building of Landing Page

An average Graphics designer gets R35,000 per month.

4. Technical Writing

Technical writing is a no-code tech jobs that’s also high in-demand in South Africa. This job opportunity offers mouth-watering monthly payment. An average Technical writer gets R25,000 per month.
As a Technical writer, you should be able to carry-out in-depth research and analysis on any topics to reform an engaging contents. Additionally, technical writer must abide typically with technical terms and deliver value as instructed. This jobs requires technical writing skills and requires little or no computing knowledge.

5. IT Support Specialist

An IT support specialist carters and hands company’s hardware and networking problems. This position does not require coding or programming knowledge. All you need to do is handy company’s hardware networking system.
Furthermore, you must have a communiting skills to become a professional IT Support Specialist in South Africa. This skill is required for offering support to the customers and answer all their product or service-related questions.
IT support specialist is another in-demand tech jobs in South Africa that’ll still be in existence in the five (5) years. An average personnel in this field gets R55,000 monthly salary.


Which Career Has The Most Job Opportunities in South Africa?

Careers with the highest paying and in-demanding job opportunities in South Africa in 2023/2024 includes Information Technology, IT Support Specialist, Marketing and Sales, Engineering and Banking and Finance Sector.

Which Jobs will be In-demand in the next 5 years in South Africa?

It’s good to know that South Africa is among the countries with the fastest growing economy in Africa. With this metrics, there are some tech jobs that’ll remain in-demands for more than 5 years in the country. They are Health and Care Management, Lawyer, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Data Scientist and Analytist e.t.c.

What is the most In-demand IT skill in South Africa?

The most in-demanding IT skills in South Africa are Cloud Computing, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Data Scientist and Cybersecurity.

What is the highest paying IT salary in South Africa?

Petroleum Engineering is the highest paying IT job in South Africa with an average annual Ssalary of R572,000 Per Year. However, Specialist Doctor is the highest paying jobs in South Africa, while Health and Care Industry is the highest paying industry in South Africa.


Lastly, while South Africa offers a diverse range of tech jobs opportunities, many of these jobs require little to no advanced computing knowledge. These positions, often in customer support, sales and marketing, technology information, technical writing, graphics designing and lot more.
These highlighted IT skills and tech jobs can serve as valuable stepping stones for those looking to enter the tech industry without a strong knowledge of computer science.

However, emphasizing soft skills, adaptability, and a willingness to learn can open doors to rewarding careers, as many companies value diverse perspectives and a mix of skills. It’s essential to recognize that continuous learning and growth can lead to higher-paying positions over time.

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