World’s Fastest Boxer Bot Created by Qibot Robot Company (Video)

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A China-based Qibot Robot company named Shandong was disclosed to have fabricated the world’s fastest boxer bot. The bot is said to be a single handed robot that can be teleoperated and has a response delay time of just 12 milliseconds.

The drones are built to aid human tasks and also a great alternative to confront violence.
Military across the globe anticipate the use of robots to protect humans from hazardous situations.

Qibo founder Geng Tao observed a delay associated with telerobots and discovered that 95 percent of these robots were built for medium to how- speed tasks.

These robots take in a delay to process their command. Even among them, the delay in response is quite noticeable, exceeding 100 milliseconds, and only few of the robots have attained super low delay, but these are small in size and their teleoperation is quite different.

Tao put his team on a difficult challenge of building a big bot with low latency.
The team commenced work on it in 2019,it took them 3 years to create a first generation model.
Another year later Qibbot was unveiled without one arm that can stretch almost five feet (1.5m) and pack quite a punch.

To enhance speed and performance concern, the team concentrated on addressing the mechanical and controller challenge on the bot. In the control algorithm, the team recommends a “feed forward” controller, which is standard for such a system.

The new controller tasks is to prevent system delay and respond to offset latency produced by mechanical system and virtual reality devices used by human.

The team therefore organized a boxing match with another bot guided by artificial intelligence (Al) to examine how well the Qibbot can respond.

The team also equipped the Al with tools to aid it generate a fighting strategies, makes sense of attacks and defense.

The clip below shows a moment captured in a match between the Al guided bot and Qibbot faced off.
The Qibbot team report that it achieve a low delay of 12 milliseconds that is much shorter compare to the time it takes to blink an eye and helps the controller avoid feeling the delay.

The Qibbot team is therefore putting more effort to enhance the bot further,by equipping it with another arm and joints to aid it movement smoother.

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