The Difference Between All Wheels Drive and Four Wheels Drive in SUVs

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All wheels drive SUV Car

Knowing well the differences between the AWD cars and SUVs and 4WD cars and SUVs will let you decide which is better for your needs. Many people use the terms All Wheels Drive and Four Wheels Drive interchangeably, however, they’re not the same.

You might have come across some cars advertisement online or seen a vehicle labelled 4WD (4X4) or AWD, but you’re confused and the confusions got you into asking alot of questions about this models of vehicles. Meanwhile, this is why this article is compiled.

Here, you’ll learn and know the differences between AWD and 4X4 vehicles. Furthermore, you’ll also learn which is better between the two models of vehicle. So, at the end of this article, you should be able to choose SUV model that’ll suit your driving needs. Hence, let’s dive into the reviews and highlight some key points.

Here’s the differences between All-wheels-drive and Four-wheels-drive

It can be complicating if I tell you that Four Wheels driver SUVs and All Wheels Drive SUVs are the same. Infact, vehicle Manufacturers have make the matter more complicated. Many of them come up with their own names. A typical examples is 4Matic of Mercedes Benz. Nevertheless, I’ll break the differences down for you.

All Wheels Drive SUV

Although, Four Wheels Drive and All Wheels Drive may be similar, but there are some key differences you need to know about if you really want to drive informed. Hence, here’s the break down details of AWD and 4X4.

All-wheels-drive vs Four-wheels-drive

All Wheels Drive (AWD) is an auto-system whereby all wheels are on motion at the same time. Meanwhile, the Four Wheels Drive (4WD or 4X4) changes dependently on 2WD. That’s, you can change Gears to toggle on and off the 4WD. AWD can be seen in Cars and SUVs, while 4WD or 4X4 is usually seen in pickup trucks.

SUV routed on an AWD Engine

Four Wheels Drive (4WD) engines power the four wheels according. Unlike AWD cars, all the wheels are powered at the same time. Meanwhile, 4X4 vehicles are perfect for heavy-duty hauling, which is why it’s find in mostly Trucks. 

4WD vs AWD, which is Better?

Find out the advantages of 4WD over AWD, and AWD over 4WD:

Four Wheels Drive (4WD)

  • Best for Heavy-duty Hauling
  • Low Fuel consumption
  • Best towing other vehicles
  • Usually used by Pickup Trucks
  • Good for both on-road and off-road driving

All Wheels Drive

  • Best for Rough Road especially during the Harsh Weather
  • Good for on-road driving
  • Consume Fuel more than 4WD
  • Usually used by Cars and SUVs

As you’ve learned about 4WD and AWD, you should be wondering that if 4WD uses four wheels dependably, how is it different from 2WD? Well,. continue reading to find out more about Four Wheels Drive and Two Wheels Drive.

What is the differences between 4WD and 2WD?

2WD is an auto-system whereby only two wheels of a vehicle is routed to the engine. This means, only 2wheels are always on motions. While the 4WD system allows all the wheels in motions but evenly. That’s, you can toggle ON and OFF between 2WD and AWD of a 4WD vehicle with a Gear. It can also be done automatically in an automated vehicles.

However, 2WD vehicles are categories into two groups. The Forward Wheels Drive (FWD) and the Rear Wheels Drive (RWD).

FWD system can be find in newer automated cars and SUVs. Cars with FWD uses engines that’s routed to the two front wheels. While Cars with RWD uses engines that’s routed to two back wheels.


  • FWD cars and SUVs is best for in a uphill or slippery roads.
  • RWD vehicles offer better acceleration than FWD cars.
  • Unlike FWD cars that dragging their weight, RWD cars are pulling their weight ahead.
  • RWD vehicles can easily make a U-turn than FWD.
  • RWD are commonly find in pickup trucks and truck-based SUVs.

Final words

The differences between All Wheels Drive (AWD) and Four Wheels Drive (FWD) have be explained in this article. Meanwhile, there’s more to AWD and FWD cars and SUVs. Hence, if you’re buying a car, make sure you compare different cars base on your needs. Additionally, consult Manufacturers to give your best advice.

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