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Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, others may have to be Licensed to operate in South Africa

South Africa's Law Bill for International Streaming Services and Broadcasters

International video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Paramount and others may have to obtain operating License from South Africa Government to offer services in the country. This development will be implement when the bills is pass into Law.

According to South African’s Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT), Foreign broadcaster and online streaming services should be regulated by under the same law with local rivals. Infact, the agency said foreign players may be requires to make local contents.

The country draft white paper (Bill) on audio-visual has stated that international and local broadcaster and content providers should obtain License of operating. The bill looks into building a broader regulatory clarity that covers all content services.

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At the time this report was published, active international video streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Apple TV+, YouTube, BritBox, Viu, Showmax, eMedia’s eVOD and SABC+ doesn’t need Licences to operate in South Africa.

Meanwhile local players including SABC and MultiChoice must comply with broadcasting legislation and regulations, including limitations on foreign ownership to operate in South Africa.

The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) cited in the draft white paper that South Africans have seen a significant surge in the number of international streaming platform entering the country.

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