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Man who was paralyzed has regained the ability to move and feel thanks to a brain Implant Powered by AI

The Feinstein institutes Scientists were revealed to have established again the brain implant that used an AI Program to connect the brain,body and spinal cord of a person living with quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs and trunk) on the account of diving accident in 2020.

The surgeon said that the implant that comprises five microchips utilizes an Al program to convert the patient though into action is inserted into the patient brain (by surgery)in order to make them feel sensation and move part of their body.

However, the implant is suggested to display an encouraging way to restore lost neural pathways and bring back normal brain and spinal cord activity in patients with paralysis.

A patient named Keith whose C4 and C5 vertebrae were damaged and utterly paralyzed was introduced to the implant trial while he was admitted in the hospital and he became a participant.

15 hours surgery was performed on him at north shore university hospital,on March 9,2023.
During the surgery hour, Keith was awake notifying them whether or not he felt any sensation.

One of the surgeons who performed the surgery reported that, they inserted 2 chips in the area responsible for movement and 3 more in the part of the brain responsible for touch and feeling in the fingers.

Keith attest that his condition has drastically improved after the surgery. He said that he can now feel the sensation when someone touches or holds his hand, and he can now move his hand whenever he wants to for the first time after 3 years.

The scientists aim to use technology to help paralyzed individuals lead fuller, more independent lives.

He added, hopefully, the brain implant will make paralysis treatable and help millions of other patients in the future.

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