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Learn How to Sign Document on iPhone for Free

Signed Document on iPhone

Making use of the digital handwritten signature on iPhone is a very simple thing to do. In this guide, you’ll learn how to sign documents (including Words and PDF) on iPhone like a Pro.

As you know that we’re in a very advance era. Almost everything has been digitalized. Many business documents are sent online and requires signing online. If you meet yourself in this situation, you’ll be crucial about learning stuff online.

With just your iPhone, you can sign any documents and add it to your paperwork or send it via email. No pen or paper is needed to do this type of digital handwritten signature.

In this guide, I’ll be using Apple’s built-in tool – Markup, Notes app and third-party services to simplify the way of signing documents. Hence, let’s dive into signing a document digitally in this article.

How to sign documents on iPhone

I’ll signing documents using three (3) different methods in this guide. No.1 method is using the Apple Markup tool. No.2 method is signing documents with Notes App on iPhone and the No.3 method is signing a document through third-party application.

How to sign a document on iPhone

Now, let’s get started!

1. Sign Document using Apple Markup Tool

  • Open the document in Photos App on your iPhone.
  • Then tap “Edit” and select the “Pen” icon.
  • Next, select the ‘Signature” Icon and tap “Create New Signature”.
  • Drag or draw your signature using your finger.
  • You can erase if it doesn’t match your choice.
  • Once you’re done, tap “Done” to save the signed document.

2. Sign PDF Document using Notes App

  • Go-to Notes app on your iPhone and open the document on the app.
  • To do that, tap on “Share” icon and select “Add to Notes” to upload your document.
  • Next, Tap on “Markup” icon and select “+” button to access the Signature Features.
  • Draw your Signature and place in a suitable place on the Document.
  • Save the Document and export it to where it’ll be of use.

3. Sign a Document on Third-party Apps

  • WPD
  • SignEasy
  • Adobe
  • DocuSign

These are example of third-party platforms you can use to sign documents on your iPhone. All you need to do is install the application on your phone through Apple app store and upload your documents to start writing your signature where appropriate.

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Furthermore, do note that third-party applications have more advance signing features than Markup tool and Notes app. Lastly, digital handwritten signature on iPhone is simple as ABC. With Apple Markup Tool, Notes App and some other advance third-party service, you can easily and seamlessly sign a document on your iPhone.

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