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Instagram’s Threads App to get a Web Version and a Search Bar Features in the coming Weeks

Threads social app

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the release of new features on the Instagram’s social media platform, Threads App. In the next few weeks, Threads users will get their most requested Features on the text base community platform.

Threads app is getting a web version and a search bar. The web version of Threads will let users access the social platform via Desktop and through their smartphone web browser. The Search Bar will unlocks proper search function as it is in other alternative platform like Twitter, now known as X.

Currently, Instagram’s Threads Social is only available via App. In addition to Affirmation, Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri had already confirmed that the team behind Threads app has been working on the web version of the social app.

However, to sign in your Threads Profile to web version on Desktop, scanning a QR code from Threads App might be required. That’s to say, linking Threads App to web version can be done through scanning of QR code as it’s done on WhatsApp. Actually, this has not been confirmed by Meta.

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Furthermore, the Search Bar Features coming to Threads app is limited. Users can only use the Search Bar to find Accounts and not for search a particular post or word. Meanwhile, Meta promised to make all the Search Features available in no time.

Threads app

While Threads is in testing mode on web version, users profiles were indicating “Reply” button. Meanwhile, if the button is clicked, nothing happens. But unfortunately for iOS users, there’s no sign that Meta will be introducing Threads to iPad or Mac computer anytime soon.

According to a report by 9to5mac.com, one of Meta’s Engineer unveiled that Threads team is working to produce Mac’s version of Threads app but that the app is “buggy and not worth investing time to fix” as they have more important things to do.

After Threads app inception, the social application had more than 100M users which surpassed ChatGPT’s record as the quickest-growing consumer application after crossing the 100 million threshold within two months of inception. However, since Threads inception, the social app has been featuring some add-ons including built-in translation and a chronological feed. Now, Threads is introducing more add-ons and they are web version and search bar.

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