How to Sell Digital Products on Shopee

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Becoming a Shopee seller means listing your digital products, goods and services on the e-commerce website. With over 21.26 million active consumers, Shopee has emerged as the most popular online retail store in the Philippines.

As a well-known e-commerce site among the Asians, selling digital products such as ebooks, game credit, gift cards, online tickets, e-vouchers, hotel and resort e-tickets, and many more will be a good idea to make earn a living online.

However, don’t be overwhelmed with the potentials, you have to also note that selling digital products on Shopee requires applications and authorizations. And that’s why this article is compiled.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple process of listing and selling your digital goods on Shopee. Hence, let’s get started. Moreover, do not forget to leave a comment and ask a question if you’re confused.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is the most popular e-commerce website in the southeast Asia and Taiwan. The online retail store is also available in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Shopee is more or like eBay. It is a Marketplace where sellers and buyers make contacts to negotiate and finalize deals. Hence, selling digital products on Shopee opens door for connecting with vendors and customers from China.

However, as you know that Shopee is an online market place mostly popular among the Asians, you should know the type of digital products and services you can offer to people in the geographical locations.

What are Digital Products, Goods and Services on Shopee?

Digital products, goods, and services in Shopee are virtual goods that exit in digital form. They’re fungible and some are non-fungible. They can be purchased with e-money that’s decentralized or centralized.

Digital products and services on Shopee includes eBooks, e-vouchers, donation and electronic tickets. Meanwhile, these products are categorized into two (2) part on Shopee.

  1. Online redeemed products; these are products or services that requires buyer to use online. E.g, e-vouchers, Mobile Top-up Cards, and Game Credit Card such as Steam Wallet e-Gift Cards.
  2. Offline redeemed products: these are online goods and services that requires consumer to use offline. E.g, Hotel/Resort Tickets, Cinema Tickets, and Dinner Vouchers.

Although, listed above are products, goods or service that can be sold on Shopee. However, there are some certain products that are prohibited to be listed on Shopee, and they includes;

  1. Digital products or services that requires redeeming or activating through third-party application. E.g, software purchases, and in-app purchases.
  2. Digital products or services that requires billing through third-party application such as Google play store or Apple app store.

This shows that it’s important to abide by Shopee’s Listing Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to continue with seller’s partnership or to avoid being banned on the platform.

In summary, digital goods, services and products on Shopee refers to any goods that are offered and delivered in digital form. Some popular examples of digital goods are media files, including music files, video files containing movies or television programming, branded multimedia files and other similar forms of products.

Becoming a Seller on Shopee

It’s important to know that only authorized seller are allowed to sell and resell digital goods, services, or products on Shopee. This means that if you sell any virtual goods without Shopee’s authentication, your listing will be disabled.

However, to become a seller on Shopee, you have to upload your ACRA documents to Shopee’s Seller Center.

ACRA means Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. It’s a document that regulates business registration, financial reporting, public accountants, and corporate service providers in Singapore.

Furthermore, it’s also essential to note that the fulfilment of digital products and services is not tracked in real-time by Shopee, so, the act of listing products, goods and services serves as an acknowledgement that sellers are aware of the risk involved.

Risk includes, but is not limited to, delays in the updating of shipping status, any risk pertaining to order fulfilment and the inability of Shopee to verify whether a valid product is delivered or not. Shopee will not be held liable should any complications arise.

Good Listing of Digital products helps consumer knows well what your virtual products and services are all about and allow them make confident buying. Shopee offer sellers good and accurate listing that helps reduce potential buyer complaints and return/refund requests due to dissatisfaction.

How to Sell Digital Goods on Shopee

Follow the simple steps highlighted below to list your digital products, goods and services on Shopee Marketplace.

1. Create a Shopee Account.

To start selling digital products on Shopee, you have to register an account. Hence, visit on your web browser. Next, choose your residential country and you’ll be redirected to regional site. For instance, Philippino will be redirected to

You can register an account on Shopee using Email, Google account, Apple account or Facebook Account. Just tap on the Profile icon that’s available at the top right corner of your screen and click on “Sign Up” at the bottom.

Enter your phone number or sign up with Google, Apple or Facebook. Once you’re in, you’ll want to make sure your phone is verified. This step is required for all Shopee sellers to ensures account safety.

2. Set up “My Shop”

Shopee’s My Shop is a virtual store that allows seller to showcase digital products. Setting up My Shop is easy, but it has to be done on PC or Desktop computer. Here’s how;

Login to your Shopee Account using your phone/username and password, and tap on “Vendor Centre“. Next, tap on “My Products” then the “+” button to add new products.

Go-to “Settings” page to personalise your Shopee store. You can add logo to your shop, give it a unique username that carries shopee’s url. E.g,, add your business identity e.g, ACRA document or certificate to authenticate your originality.

3. List/Add Products in My Shop

Tap vendor centre and navigate to My Products, then tap on plus (+) button to start adding new products to your Shopee’s store.

To list digital products, start by adding photos of the product. This help buyers visualise the items you want to sell. You can add up to 9 images for each listing of the products.

To add photos of products, tap on “Camera” to live-capture the product (for physical products only), tap on “Photo” to choose from the album of your existing pictures, or tap “Instagram” to upload picture from your Instagram account.

Once the product’s photos are uploaded, fill up the details of the product or service. Important details such as product’s name, category, description, and type are required to be filled up. Afterwards, Shopee will then let you test your digital products whether it isn’t under the prohibited products.

Next, fill up the product shipping information if the product is a physical goods that needs to be delivered at doorstep. Hence, shipping details such as weight of the product, size and shipping fees are required to be filled up.

However, do make sure you fill up shipping information in accordance with logistics that’ll suit your needs and customer needs. GoGo Express and J&T Express are considered the best courier in Asia.

4. Submit

After filling up your digital products with the necessary or required details, hit “Submit” and your product is now live on Shopee’s My Shop.

You can add more products to sell on your Shopee’s store. Furthermore, don’t forget to add link or email address to digital goods e.g eBooks that are downloadable as a means consumers can get their products.

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In conclusion, selling digital products or become a successful seller on Shopee requires a blend of strategic planning, product curation, and customer engagement. By optimizing your listings, leveraging Shopee’s online tools, and fostering trust with your buyers, you can unlock a world of e-commerce opportunities and establish a thriving online business.

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