How to Screenshot on Mac [Easy Methods]

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MacBook: How to take screenshots on Mac

Taking screenshots on you Mac simply means capturing your computer’s display screen. This can be done in different ways depending on how you want the picture to be saved.

You can screenshot your entire Mac display screen, you can capture part of the or you can record your Mac display screen. However, whatever ways you wants to carryout this task, do note that the solutions lies in your Keyboard.

This means, taking screenshots on Mac can be done through Keyboard. It’s also noteworthy to let you know that your screenshots are usually saved to your Desktop folder on Mac unless you have changed the default setting.

Hence, you need to know a few shortcuts or commands to use Mac Keyboard to take screenshots easily. However, if you don’t remember any of the commands, here are how to take screenshots on MacBooks and Mac Desktop Computers.

Take Full Screenshot on Mac

To screenshot your Mac display screen in full, press Command (⌘), Shift and 3 on your Keyboard. Once the Keys is pressed once, you’ll see your display screen being captured before it goes back to normal screen.

Using this Keyboard’s Command Keys [Command (⌘), Shift and 3] will capture your Mac display screen in full and by default, the image will be saved in Mac’s Desktop Folder for easy access.

Take Part Screenshot on Mac

This section explains how to save part of your display screen on Mac. Let’s dive in.

How to take screenshots on Mac

To carryout this task, hit Command (⌘), Shift and 4 on your Mac Keyboard. Make sure that those keys are pressed at the same time. 

Next, use the Keyboard’s Cursor to to select the preferred area you want to capture. Moreso, hold Shift + Option or the Space Bar to drag and edit your screen-captured window.

Once you’re done, tap OK to save the captured area of your display screen.

Take Screen Recording on Mac

To record screen on Mac books or other Mac computers, hit Command (⌘) + Shift + 5, choose screenrecording option and hit Record to start recording your Mac’s screen.

To stop recording your Screen, hit the Stop Recording Button that’s available at the Menu bar. Likewise, screenshots, the recording files are usually saved in Mac’s Desktop Folder.

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Screenshots on Mac

Furthermore, if you’re using a MacBook that possess aTouch Bar, you can simply carryout screenshots by hitting “Command + Shift + 6” keys on your Mac Keyboard.

Additionally, you can change your default saved folder from Desktop Folder to your preferred Folder simply by using thr Options menu in the Screenshot app.

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