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How to Create and Manage Albums in Google Photos for Android and iPhone

Google Photos: How to Create an Album

Google Photos is an image and video storage platform that allows user to add more than 20K photos or videos in an Album. In other words, with Google photos, you can create, organize, group and edit your snaps easily. Here’s how.

However, before diving into the tutorial, it’s noteworthy that Google Photos has a simple UI dashboard and all photos are store on Google Cloud-based Storage. Additionally, as advantages, Google Photos is used for backing up collected images.

Google Photos Album

Album is one of the amazing feature in Google Photos. Users can group photos into categories using the Album feature. For instance, you can backup some certain memorial photos in an Album and also setup a live album to automatically add photos of your friends and family.

Live Album is another Google Photos Feature that allows users to customize an Album to automatically save snaps of your Family and Friends. However, do note that Live Albums are not available in all regions.

As previously stated, I’m going to walk you through the guidelines of creating albums in Google Photos on Computers such as Laptop, Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, I’ll also discuss how to setup a Live Albums.

How to create Album on Google Photos

To create and manage Albums on Google Photos is simple. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you using Google Photos App for Android which is available for download on the Play Store. Hence, let’s get into setting up your Albums in Google Photos.

Create Google Photos Album on Android

  • Launch the “Google Photos App” on your Android phone or Tablet.
  • Login to your “Google Account” where your photos are stored.
  • Tap-hold a picture to start choosing collection of photos you want in your new album.
  • Once you’re done selecting the photos, tap the “+” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Now, select “Album”
  • Write a “Title” to the Album and tap “Done”.

Create Google Photos Album on iOS Devices

  • Download the “Google Photos App” on Apple App store.
  • Login using your “Google Account”.
  • Tap-hold a photo to start selecting pictures you want to add to your “Album”.
  • Once you’re done choosing, tap the “+” button and select “Album”.
  • Add Title to your Album and tap “Done”.

Create Google Photos Album on PC

  • On your personal computer’s web browser, visit “photos.google.com/” and login using your Google Account.
  • Navigate to “Photos” and tap on “Select”.
  • Select photos you want in your Album and tap o “Add +” button.
  • Next, select “Album”, then “New Album”
  • Add “Title” to your Album and tap “Done”.

Create Live Albums

  • Go-to photos.google.com on your PC.
  • Tap on ‘Albums”, then create “New Album”
  • Next, select “People and Pets”
  • On your prefer Face Group, tap “Select”
  • Next, tap “Confirm” and title your new Album.
  • Learn more about Live Album here.

Final words

Thanks to Google Photos, it’s become an easy task for individual to organize and share huge piles of photos neatly by grouping them into category of albums. You can group your snaps by date, and also give it an extra layer of personalized setup with albums.

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Furthermore, Google Photos works with Innovative Google Lens Features to help organize photos into the right albums. Google Lens will identify the location or object in the photo along with a description and name.

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