How I Got Paid $1400 To Use My Cash App

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so I found a pretty simple way to get paid an instant one thousand four hundred dollars to your cash app by exploiting an untapped opportunity, it’s a hundred percent legit all you have to do is to use this exact script that I have written out for you then go to this website;

set up the whole automation process and you get paid. you’re not scamming anyone you’re not using some hack or cash app mod none of those things are gonna work you’re simply leveraging a simple system that I have tested and it works guys you can see my own results right here;

a thousand four hundred dollars is sent straight to my cash app, I actually spent a week with this method and I did cash out, you can see I got the confirmation email and in a couple of hours it was transferred to my bank account literally anyone can do this it’s not something that requires some kind of expert knowledge, if you have a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection and you have a couple hours of free time per day then keep reading this article because this method is the one for you now before you can start Cashing Out big just like this🔻

there are a few things you need to set up in order for this to work I’m gonna take you through them step by step so follow along and pay attention so you can also get yours.

step by Step

let’s Jump Right In now the;

1. first step is of course to make sure that you have a cash app account while we’re using cash app and not PayPal as usual is because this 1400 will be dropping into your account at once and it is a lot of money and we all know PayPal tends to hold large funds for weeks for no reason so cash shop is a much better choice to use for this method so just go to and create your free account it’s only going to take you a couple of minutes just come down here and scan this code to download it straight

to your iPhone or to your Android device and as soon as you have your account all set up we can then move on to

2. step number two now I know you’re wondering how exactly did I get paid this fourteen hundred dollars and how does this whole thing really work well it all starts with this website it’s called zendesk and this is where the magic happens

what is Zendesk

zendesk is an all-in-one platform that gives agencies and marketers all the tools they need to manage their customers get more leads and automate their sales for I actually used a website just like this for my online coaching program and I decided to use

Why Zendesk is The Best

Zendesk for this method because, it’s a lot easier to use and it’s a lot more friendly for beginners but if you’re watching this video then you are most likely not an online coach or a tutor.

How Can Zendesk help You Make Money

so how exactly can this website help you make money well just like Morgan Hassell says in his book psychology of money if you want to make money you need to solve a problem and I discovered a lot of problems when I launched my own coaching program like I had issues with my sales funnels and automating my coaching calls setting appointments and things like that and half a time I wished I could just pay someone to make all these problems go away and I was glad I found zendesk because not only was it extremely helpful for my business.

but I knew I could also make money helping other businesses solve those problems as well but before I show you how to find businesses that will pay you for this you need to know how to use zendesk to help these businesses in order to get paid

How to use zendesk to help online marketers with sales funnels and online courses.

so just go to on your computer is going to be a lot easier to navigate this website if you are on a computer just go over here and start a free trial, you don’t have to pay any money up front you can totally get away with the free trial and make money before you have to pay the software so click over here;

and it will take you over to this page

where you can enter your email address and get access to your account it’s only going to take you under a minute to do this and as soon as you’re inside of your account this is what the dashboard is going to look like

but this is not the dashboard that we will be working with so what you want to do is to click up here on the menu

and you will find all the different products that zendesk offers and so just scroll down here to the cell dashboard and it will create a sales CRM dashboard

for your account that is going to work for this method and this is exactly what it looks like right here

you can find how much you have made in a certain amount of time this is my revenue for the month as you can see 2.8 K and of course these earnings are not typical so so you might earn more or less than what you can see on the screen but it’s totally achievable if you follow the steps that I want to give to you right now so let me take you through a quick tour of zendesk and how the whole thing works,

so you already have your Revenue tab over here right here is your task tab

so you’re gonna see how many tasks you have to do at the moment this is super important because it helps keep you organized and when you start getting clients this is where they’re gonna find all the different tasks that they need to take care of at the moment over here;

This is where you’re gonna find the appointments you’ve currently set up this is also super important if you have clients that need you to set up a lot of different appointments and it’s super important that you understand what all this means because it will be super crucial down the road in this business it’s gonna determine if you will get paid at the end or not over on the laptop over here;

This is where you’re gonna find your leads if anyone should sign up to your website or to your clients websites you will find all their details over here their email addresses their phone numbers you’re gonna of course search for a specific lead by typing the name in here;

over on this tab is your deals tab so you can see how many deals you are currently working with how many you have won and how much money you are expecting to drop into your account or into your client’s account I’m gonna show you how to find leads like this and close sales on your zendesk account by leveraging a completely different platform. we’re gonna get to that in just a minute so right below,

This is your calendar Tab and this is where you’re gonna find all the different tasks that you have for each day of the week right so you can see how many tasks I have for this week There’s a couple of them over here.

you can just click on these to find more information about each task and if you want to create new tasks you can just click up here you can add appointments or add tasks from this tab over here let’s say someone just requested for a call with your client all you have to do is to find them on the contact list right here click on them select the date and time that they requested by clicking here select a title for the calendar and as soon as you’re done just click create and they will get a notification to their email and the appointment is set.

as soon as you have all your tasks scheduled on your account you can see them listed over on your task page over here.

you also have your reports tab down here it basically gives you all the information you need to know about how your account is doing how many leads you’re winning and how many leads you’re losing and of course your average deal size and this reporting tab is going to be super important to help your clients see exactly where they need to work on in their coaching programs, because it gives them a lot of information about the calls they will be having with their potential clients or potential students remember to stay organized so your clients know that you know what you were doing and they can be confident in your abilities and gladly pay you for your services.

So now you know how to use zendesk to help online marketers with sales funnels and online courses.

how to get client on Zendesk

Next step is to leverage a different platform where we can find people who need help with their businesses and for this we will go over to YouTube We’re actually gonna find small YouTube channels of tutors and coaches,

who sell some kind of online course but have not really scaled their businesses to selling coaching programs and high ticket courses and we are going to get them to pay us to automate critical parts of their businesses to help them scale their businesses to make more money,

it’s a win-win situation so you’re not simply going out to ask for free money by pitching to these channels that you can help them make more money they will be a lot more inclined to hear you out and actually get signed on as your client so what you want to do is to search finance courses on YouTube right here,

it’s gonna pull up a bunch of channels and you just want to click through and find channels that either don’t sell a course or are selling a course but do not have some sort of online coaching program so let’s check out this one right here,

so here’s one that I just found and this one is a Channel with just 30 000 subscribers so it’s pretty small and right here I cannot really find a link to an online course or a coaching program so this is exactly what I want so what we want to do is to reach out to this Channel and let them know,

how to contact client

know what exactly we’re offering right so we can just click the channel um image right here

it’s going to take you straight to this page you can just click the about page and you can view

their email address by clicking right here and one thing I like to do is to also DM them on Instagram you want to make sure your messages are getting through so send them an email and also DM them over on Instagram just to make sure your messages are not getting lost along the way so now that we have a couple of channels you actually want to reach out to the next thing you want to do is to use my exact script for emailing these channels so you can get the maximum results so this is the script.

what to tell your client

right here is where you want to put the email of the channel you are reaching out to use this for the title it says “I’m so sorry first name”, this is the first name of the individual do not use the name of the channel make it personal by saying

“I’m so sorry first name dot dot dot”, it’s kind of vague and them seeing this on their email gets them confused or like who is this and they are more likely to click to find out what you’re so sorry about, but of course that’s clickbait because we want them to click through and see what we have to say so my script says “hi I’m this and I just watched your YouTube video [attached the link right here] and I found your online course about this now of course”,

if they don’t have an online course you can just stop it here and just leave out this online course part,

“interesting content however I notice you’re not offering a high ticket coaching program to your viewers with an audience like yours you could be pulling thousands of dollars in extra income per month from this YouTube channels in your Niche like this and that are doing this successfully and I would love to get on a call with you to see if your channel is a good fit let me know!”
and you can sign off and send this, it’s really short and straight to the point you don’t need to use some really long script, a good practice is even to attach a video of you reading this out and showing them examples from their channel that you can use to help them build a high ticket coaching program,

it’s a lot more convincing and they trust you immediately they see your face so it’s definitely something you guys can try and with the script, you can go ahead and reach out to as many YouTube channels, as you want I would email at least 50 channels per day and if you can find their Instagram you can also copy my Script and send it to them there,

as well the more channels you can talk to the faster you will get responses that could lead to paying clients,

I’m gonna link this script in this article as well so you can get access to it after reading this content,

Remember we said that we will have to get on a call with them to explain how exactly we can help them well you need to be ready for that call because that is going to determine if you will get that client or not and on the call basically what you want to do is to talk with them and find out why they’re not selling a course and then you want to put up some online coaching program from some other channel who’s doing really well and show them how you can replicate exactly the same thing for their channels, Explain to them that you are doing all the work and you are going to automate everything for them whether need to do anything themselves,

You don’t need to show them exactly how it works just, so they don’t go out trying to do it themselves you want to tell them why it’s important that your system is the best one for them to use for the vacancy the value and be happy to pay you for it be friendly be conversational and listen to them, So you know exactly how you can help them and then at the end of the call if they seem interested to proceed you can then tell them how much you are charging and of course you can charge them whatever you want,

I was able to charge fourteen hundred dollars to help one YouTube channel to do this you don’t want to charge too small or too big people are a lot more careful with who they send money to on the internet, One thing you can do is to only ask for money when the job is done, You can tell them that you will help them set up their online course set up, the sales funnel and get everything up and running before they can cash out the payment to you of course you can retain control of the client’s account and then release it only after getting your payment,

This is exactly how you can make money to your cash app legitimately by helping businesses who need a problem solved,

I have done this successfully and I was able to help two YouTube channels to set up their online coaching programs and I earned over two thousand dollars to my cash app you can see my results right here;

you can definitely achieve this if you take advantage of this opportunity, the most important part of this business is to take your time and learn how to use zendesk you don’t have to be a complete expert, but you do need to know what you’re talking about and be confident in your abilities to help your clients, just so you don’t lose clients because of your lack of knowledge,


Take your time and learn how to use Zendesk so you can actually get paid at the end of the day, I would love to know how this goes for you guys if you have any questions about anything we just talked about drop a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP,


If you are still reading this article then I know you want to learn more about how to make money online and if you are new to this website Follow me so you can see more tutorials just like this from my Website and hey if you want to find out how to earn money Reading Articles online then click here right now

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  1. Hey Michael , Can I use a different payment method besides cashapp to receive payments from my clients…I am from and live in Lagos, Nigeria

  2. I got laid off, can’t pay rent, can’t eat. Man I fr need this and to learn more. I have no money to start without. With this still work ?
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