Telegram Stories: Features and How to Post Stories

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Telegram Stories
Telegram’s Stories

Telegram, one of the popular messaging app, is officially launching its own version of Stories, mimicking Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Stories was first introduced by Snapchat in 2013. After which, almost all Social Media available have copied this format.

However, according to Telegram Founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, the social messaging app has no intention to introduce Stories but because this feature have been the most requested features from it users for many years, the team decided to add Stories to Telegram.

Durov made this Announcement in his Telegram channel on Monday. “For years, our users have been asking us to implement Stories in Telegram. More than half of all feature requests that we receive are related to Stories,” he wrote.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about Telegram Stories, its features and how it works. So without no more Ado, let’s dive into he primary reason of this article.

What is Telegram Stories?

Stories is a revolutionized social media feature that allowed users to share photos, captions, emojis, videos and more that would disappear after 24 hours. However, Telegram is doing Stories in differently.  

Telegram’s Stories feature includes granular privacy controls, dual camera support, support for captions, and the ability to set when the Story will expire or to leave it permanently available.

Unlike Facebook’s Stories, Instagram’s Story, WhatsApp’s Status and Snapchat’s Story, users can set timeframe or leave it permanent for their story posts on Telegram.

Stories will make Telegram profiles more informative, interactive and colorful, Durov said. Furthermore Telegram channels will benefit from more exposure and subscribers as Stories will be launched with the ability for users to repost channel messages to stories.

How does Telegram Stories Work?

Telegram as a social media platform is adjusting story, giving it more advancement since the feature is everywhere on the social media. Furthermore, Telegram decided to implement Stories in it messaging app because it’s made up more than half of its feature requests.

The video shared by Durov on his Telegram channel where this news were initially broadcasted shows us what to expect from the Stories feature. Well, it looks like Telegram Story Features placement is kind of unique than other messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Telegram Stories are squeezed at the very top, right above conversations in the “Chats” tab. The stories expand when the user pulls down from the chat list. Moreover, it’ll also be a privacy-centric type, as seen in WhatsApp’s Status.

In other words, Users of Telegram can choose to share their stories with all their contacts or hide it from them on a contrary. The Telegram Story is also allowing users hiding stories posted by any contact from the main screen with a new “Hidden” list feature.

Furthermore, Telegram give users access to a precise photo and editing tools to enhance Stories and further add captions and links. They can even tag other people, as we see in Instagram Stories.

Lastly, other highlight feature of how Telegram Stories works includes the ability to set expiration times between six and 48 hours. Additionally, users can save those stories to their profile pages to make them more interactive.

How to post Stories on Telegram

Users can post Stories on their Telegram Profiles by capturing photos from either of the camera or uploading it directly from their device’s local folder.

Either ways, Telegram has give users access to editing tools to enhance their Stories and further add captions and links to make it more informative, interactive and colourful. Users can also tag other people, as practiced in Instagram Stories.

Telegram Stories
Telegram Stories

However, do note that posting Stories on Telegram is privacy-centric. That’s, you can set who to see your stories and who you want to see their stories. Telegram has provided a new Hidden list feature that allows you to hide stories.

Furthermore, Telegram gives users ability to set expiration times between 6 hours and 48 hours for the Story to disappear. Moreover, users can choose to save the story in their Profile forever.

Telegram Story Features and Benefits

Base on the requests of users over the years, and the acknowledgement of stories from other social media platforms by Telegram teams has triggered them to incorporated several distinguishing features into Telegram’s Stories to ensure a unique experience.

Here are features that distinguished Telegram’s Stories from other social messaging apps’ stories:

Optional Ephemerality

This feature allows user to set timeframe for it stories to disappear on the Profile. However, Telegram provide expiration options ranging from 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours.

Furthermore, Stories can be permanently saved to display on the user’s Telegram Profile. This versatility give users opportunity to customize their content’s visibility and duration.

It also helps user create informative, interactive and colourful contents that’ll cut the attention of audience on Telegram Channels and Groups.

Privacy Control

This feature gives you a precise control over who to view your Stories and over Stories of whom you’ll view. You can choose between options like making them “visible to everyone“, only contacts (with exceptions), selected contacts, or a “customized list of close friends“.

The Privacy Control Feature on Telegram’s Stories helps user to tailor Story’s audience according to their preferences.


From hiding stories from contact list to lifespan story appearance, Telegram is providing ability for users to have more control over their Stories than any other social messaging apps’ Stories.

In addition to Flexibility, Telegram built a compact user interface to optimize space within the messaging app, ensuring easy access without compromising other valuable functions.

Captions and Tagging

Story on Telegram has been built-in with a range of powerful photo and video editing tools. Users can enhance their contents with captions and links to provide additional information to audience.

Additionally, users can also add hashtags to their contents to tag to other individuals. This functionality enriches the storytelling experience and fosters deeper connections.

Dual Camera Support

I can say Telegram has been focusing on the success of its Video Messages feature by incorporating the option to post photos and videos taken simultaneously from the front and rear cameras. 

This dual-camera support enable users to express themselves creatively and capture moments from multiple perspectives.


Telegram Stories, like any other social media platforms’ stories, is an amazing feature that let users express their moment in a time frame of 24 hours. With more advancement, Telegram is offering it Stories.

At the time of publishing, Story is currently in the last testing phase on Telegram, and it will be available for the public starting in early July, notes Durov, Founder and CEO of Telegram.

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