New DSTV Explora Price in Kenya in 2023

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DStv Explora
DStv Explora

Yes or Yes, Kenyans have to adapt to the economic realities of 2023. As everything seems to be increasing in price, DSTV set a new price for Explora subscription packages. In this article, I’ve explored these prices, ranging from the smallest tier to the priciest.

Furthermore, I’ll also explore DSTV prices across it various packages in Kenya in 2023. However, before I dive into the listing of DSTv prices and packages, let’s take a quick summary of DSTV as a Multi Choice subsidiary.

Multi Choice’s DSTV Packages.

DSTV, one of the leading satellite television service provider in Africa, owned by MultiChoice, a South African’s satellite television service company in Sub-Saharan Africa that operates GOtv and Showmax service, has recently announced a price adjustment across its various subscription packages.

MultiChoice's Television Services
MultiChoice’s hiTv, DStv, Tstv & Gotv

DSTV offers several subscription packages across it decoders (including DSTV HDs and DStv Explora) with different prices. DSTv packages includes DStv Premium, DStv Lite, DStv Family, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Acess, DStv Premium + Asia Addon and DStv Access Plus.

DStv Explora Price in Kenya

In Kenya, DSTv Explora Decoder cost KSh 10999. However, prices changes due to hardware features that’s attached to the Decoders. For instance, Explora Decoder + Dishkit + Smart LNB + Installation incur for a price of KSh 35,999. While DStv Explora + Smart LNB cost KSh 30,799.

Important Notice: DStv Explora Ultra Decoder is currently not available in Kenya.

Furthermore, DStv Explora has come with many exclusive Features including DSTv Catch Up, Box Office, HD Viewing, The Playlist and More Recording Time. Don’t worry, I’ll explain further. Just keep reading!

Features of DStv Explora

Here are some features of DStv Exploras:

1. DStv Catch Up

This feature allows you to catch up on movies, series, sporta highlights, documentary, kid’s shows or any of your favorite TV show that you’ve missed.

Explora Catch Up
DStv Catch Up

Furthermore, seamlessly connecting your Explora to the internet, you can discover hundreds of extra Catch up titles, all downloadable straight to your Decoder to watch in your own time.

2. The Playlist

The Playlist on Explora is a folder where you can find your whole family’s DStv recordings. This feature allows you to record up to 220 hours, and helps neatly arranges your recording into categories.

The Playlist
DStv: The Playlist

Furthermore, The Playlist also helps group all your series recordings together, making it to find what you’re looking for without hassles.

3. Box-office

DStv Explora BoxOffice gives users the perfect excuse to plan a big family night in. In other words, it allows users to rent any of the 20 blockbuster movies from the comfort of their home, and keep them for 48 hours.

DStv BoxOffice
DStv BoxOffice

Hey you! You’re still reading ‘DStv’s prices and packages in Kenya in 2023.

However, do note that if you’re new to BoxOffice, DStv will handle the first rental. Amazing right? Keep reading to learn more!

4. HD Streaming

DStv Explora has possess a high quality resolutions that you can never imagined. The Explora’s high defining pictures will push you to the edge of your seat and make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

5. More Recording Time

There’s room for even the biggest of families with up to 220 hours of recording space. Keep that movie the kids want to watch again and again, stay up-to-date with your favourite shows, and still have space for the family’s must-see blockbusters.

DStv Subscription Packages and Prices in Kenya 2023/2024

Here is DStv Prices and Packages with Channels List in Kenya, starting from August 1, 2023.

DSTv AccessKSh1,30095+
DSTv FamilyKSh1,800120+
DStv CompactKSh3,500135+
Compact PlusKSh6,200155+
DStv PremiumKSh9,900175+

Here is the list of DSTv packages and their price tag in Kenya for 2023/2024.

1. DStv Access

DStv Access is the lowest DStv package in Kenya. Subscription to this package will incur a price of KSh1,300. This package’s price moved from KSh1,150 to KSh1,300 in August 1, 2023, making it 13.04% increased. Furthermore, DStv Access has 95+ channels.

2. Family Package

The DStv Family Package will cost you KSh 1,800 to subscribe. The package was designed to offer a variety of channels suitable for family streaming. DStv Family has 120 + Channels. It newly set price marked a 15.63% increase from the previous KSh 1,600.

3. Compact Package

DStv Compact price is now set to KSh 3,500 per month in Kenya. The DStv package offers 134+ Channels, including a selection of entertainment, news, and under 18s channels. From KSh 3,000 to KSh 3,500, DStv Compact’s price has risen by 16.67%.

4. Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus Package’s Price is set to KSh6,200 per month in Kenya in 2023, which is 12.73% increase from the previous price KSh5,500. Compact Plus is a favourite DStv package among many due to its balanced mix of 155+ entertainment and news channels.

5. DStv Premium

The Premium Package cost KSh9,900 to offer wide arrays of 175+ Channels, including sports, movies, and international news. The newly set price in August 1, 2023 has seen an increase of 11.11% from its previous price KSh8,900. DStv Premium is the highest DStv package in Kenya.

FAQs: DStv Price in Kenya

When did DStv come to Kenya?

DStv came to Kenya in February 1995 in pioneering public private partnerships locally with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

What is the cheapest DStv package in Kenya?

DStv Access is the cheapest DStv package in Kenya. The package price cost KSh1,300 per month.

What DStv package show Premier League in Kenya?

With DStv Compact, Compact Plus and DStv Premium, you can watch English Premier League in Kenya.

How much is DStv installation in Kenya?

Installation price for DStv dish and decoder in Kenya may varies depending on specialist that want to offer the service. Nevertheless, the installation service fees will incur KSh3,000 upward.

How much is DStv WiFi in Kenya?

DStv WiFi is a router that connects Explora Decoder to the internet. Usually, company will include the WiFi router to your DStv kit at point of purchase. However, of you want to buy for any reason, DStv WiFi cost KSh6,799 in Kenya.


DStv price in Kenya had seen adjustment in August, 2023. New price has been set and the package’s prices has been increased. These might be caused by Economic stagnation that’s happening in the country.

Moreover, DStv is committed to providing high quality contents. The company has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the broadcasting industry.

Therefore, the company’s service price adjustment is to enhance the continually invests in acquiring the best local and international content ensuring that subscribers have access to a wide variety of programmings.

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