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How to Use WhatsApp Channels in Kenya

WhatsApp Channels in Kenya

WhatsApp Channels inception in Kenya has bubbled the internet, triggering many questions from netizens. The social media users are asking what is it, how does it work, and how to get started. Meanwhile, all these questions will be answered, including how to create a WhatsApp channel and how is supporting busineses in Kenya.

This recently launched WhatsApp Channels in Kenya is aimed at enhancing innovations and giving more advancement to Users experience. Channels is rebranding the ways individuals and busineses communicate with each other on the social messaging app.

Launched in November 2009, and since it inception, the social messaging app has been introducing plethora of features including Locked Chats; a privacy-centric Lock that password individual chats on the platform, Edit Chats; an editing feature that let users to edit messages 15 minutes after it been sent, WhatsApp communities and now WhatsApp Channels.


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