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How to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp for Free with MobileGPT

How to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp for Free

MobileGPT is an online artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that revolutionized ChatGPT to your WhatsApp chat for free. This AI chatbot is leveraging the powerful GPT3.5-turbo and GPT-4 OpenAI models to seamlessly enhancing WhatsApp’s conversations, connectivity, productivity and creativity in no time.

Artificial intelligence has been seeing surge since its public launch. Now, AI is leveraging our messaging apps on smartphones and computers to change our digital interactions in a meaningful fashion.

Furthermore, with ChatGPT on WhatsApp, users will be able to generate AI contents in their chats. Moreso, users will be able to create notes, generate web reports and create research reports in their WhatsApp Chat.

In other words, ChatGPT integration on WhatsApp via MobileGPT will helps enhance users with various added functionalities and exclusive features that boost connectivity, productivity, conversativity, creativity, and information access.

In this tutorial, I will explore how to use MobileGPT to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT on your WhatsApp Chat. Hence, here’s how to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp for Free.

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Add ChatGPT to WhatsApp using MobileGPT

To start using ChatGPT on WhatsApp for Free, you’ll need to integrate third-party online bot. Here, I’ll be using MobileGPT to integrate ChatGPT on WhatsApp.

Here are simple step-by-steps guides to integrate ChatGPT on WhatsApp with MobileGPT:

  • Visit mobile-gpt.io/ from your web browser on Computer or Mobile Device.
  • Tap on the “Chat with MobileGPT” button at the top of the page, as illustrated in the image below.
Step 1; how to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp
  • Next, you’ll redirected to a page where you will get a button that says “Continue to Chat“. Tap on the button and a notification will pop-up.
  • Accept the notification message to “Launch your WhatsApp“.
Step 2; how to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp
  • Now, you have to initiate the bot by starting the conversation and giving instructions.
step 3; how to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp
  • Furthermore, you can also start off Personal Assistant Function (PAF) with some instructions/commans as highlighted in the image below.
Step 4; how to add commands to ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Using ChatGPT on WhatsApp for Free

Apart from using chatbots that happens to be the easiest method to add ChatGPT to your WhatsApp chat, you can also integrate ChatGPT to WhatsApp through an AI Keyboard applications (Apps).

ChatGPT-integrated Keyboard app works in the sense that you install the app from your favorite app store, and select it as the preferred keyboard on your phone. The AI Keyboard app is still good enough to get all of your answers. In fact, it offers a handful of extras compared to ChatGPT bots for WhatsApp.

Paragraph AI is a good example of AI Keyboard app that allow the using of ChatGPT on WhatsApp simply by deploying GPT-3 for all your conversations, not just in WhatsApp, but in any messaging apps that are available on your device.

Furthermore, another free emerging way to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp is through Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard. This Keyboard has already integrated the latest ChatGPT-4 and BingChat on it. However, it’s available on the Play store and it’s available for Free.


Integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp excavate another chance for empowered communication, productivity, and creativity. Using an online chatbot tools like MobileGPT, Paragraph AI and Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard, you can unlock the full abilities an of AI in your WhatsApp conversations today.

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There are hundreds of AI chatbot tools you can use to add ChatGPT to your WhatsApp. However, I’ll be keeping this guide updated on the latest version of AI chatbot. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section if you have successfully added ChatGPT to your WhatsApp using MobileGPT.

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