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How to Send Direct Messages (DMs) on Threads App

Threads App DM

Hello! Are you wondering if you can send a direct message (DM) on Threads, a dedicated Instagram social app? Actually, you can’t send a DM on Threads app, you can only chat privately through Instagram’s DMs Features.

Threads app is a dedicated Instagram social app built to compete and replace Twitter. The app has seen surge of over 100 million users, mostly users of the bird app.

Imagine a social app like Threads, that’s so unique and possesses the ability to overtake Twitter, but not have the DMs features that allows users to private-chat their loved ones.

Many reactions have surfaced since Threads launched. Many social media users have agreed that Threads was aimed at competing with Twitter. Although, the dedicated Instagram’s app seems to be the best alternatives to Twitter, but it’s a shame that Threads are lacking features most social users are crucial about.

Crucially, 99.99% of social media users want to have the ability to send direct messages (DMs), hashtags their posts, verify their account, among others, in their social apps. However, it’s definitely obvious that Threads app doesn’t possess these Features.

However, I have compiled this guide to show you how to privately send a direct message (DM) from your Threads profile through Instagram’s DMs Feature. I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Threads Direct Messaging.

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Can you send DMs on Threads?

Basically, one important feature people will want from newly launched social media app is “Direct Messaging (DM)”. DMs aqueduct the space between social users by allowing them to communicate and chat privately and seamlessly. 

Furthermore, Direct Messaging (DM) is a foremost component for building relationships online. To be straightforward, Meta doesn’t allow DMs on Threads app. Not for now. This is one of the disadvantages of Threads app over Twitter.

As we all know, Threads is bind directly to Instagram and has been built specifically to rival with Twitter. Meanwhile, since it launched, social users are reacting to it as a refreshing alternative to Elon Musk’s handling of the bird app. But Threads app doesn’t support hashtags, multiple accounts, prohibits NSFW content and direct messaging (DM). 

It’s now obvious that Threads app can’t compete with Twitter app if it cannot add-on more exclusive add-ons on the app to impress users to continue using the social app.

The difference between Threads App and Instagram

Threads and Instagram are social apps that are entirely different from each other. Although, Threads app is tied to Instagram, but Threads and Twitter have many features in common because the app is developed by Meta as a rival to Twitter.

Furthermore, Threads social media app is a text-based app and it lacks many features that are available on Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, more features is expected from Meta in the future.

Nevertheless, here are some certain similarities and differences between Threads app and Instagram app at the time this guide is published.

  1. Instagram supports story and reels. Threads is only a text-based social app.
  2. Threads and Instagram allow users to post contents in text, image and video formats.
  3. Both social app allow users to comment and like other user’s post.
  4. Unlike Instagram, Hashtags, Verification, Privacy, DMs and more are unsupported on Threads.
  5. Currently on Threads, user’s feed is filled with uninterested contents.
  6. In a nutshell, Threads app still have a long way to go to compete with Instagram and other social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Truth Social, and more.

Can I send DMs on Threads App?

No, you can’t send a direct message (DM) on Threads app at the moment. Not now, and not directly. Meta hasn’t included the Direct Messaging Features on Threads app. Hence, you’re unable to send DMs on Threads.

News Instagram's DMs Features

However, if you’re willing to send DMs on Threads, there’s an indirect method to privately chat other users. Here, I will show you how to communicate directly and privately chat with other Threads users through sending of DMs on Instagram.

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How to send DMs on Threads

To send DMs to users on Threads app, follow the instructions given below.

  • Login to your Threads app.
  • Navigate to the profile of user whom you want to chat.
  • Tap the Instagram icon available in the user’s profile page.
  • Then, you’ll be redirected to the the user’s Instagram profile.
  • Now, begin to send private direct messages (DMs) on the Instagram app.

Meta allows Threads users to make use of their Instagram’s Direct Messaging Features to private-chat their friends and loved one that’s on Threads.

Direct Messages on Threads App

Direct Messaging (DM) are currently unavailable on Threads app. However, it may be included in the future. As important measures, if Meta want to use Threads to rival Twitter, enhancing the social app features (including Direct Messaging, Hashtags, and Blue Badge Verification) will be the company’s priority.

Lacking certain functionalities and abilities that are available on Twitter may pose as a big obstacle to Threads’s growth. Although, it has gain over a hundred million users in the recent weeks, but some users would prefer to remain on the social app that offers everything.

Anyways, I’m also disappointed that I can’t send DMs on Threads app. Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our other trending social-related articles.

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