How to Dispute a Debit Order using Capitec App

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How to dispute a transaction on the Capitec App

Capitec app is a product of Capitec Bank, an established financial institution in South Africa. The bank application was built to offers a variety of convenient and seamless payment’s infrastructures, including money reversal and ability to send and receive money.

Disputing a debit order is one of the things Capitec app allow users to do when money is sent in error or need to be reversed. The Capitec app offers a safety window for error transactions to be refunded without going to your bank physical branch to complain.

Here, we’ll explore the simple process to get your money back into your bank account using Capitec app when an unauthorized transaction leave your bank account, or you mistakenly carryout the transfer.

How to Reverse Money on Capitec App.

Follow the instructions below to Dispute a Debit Order using Capitec App.

  • Download the Capitec App and register an account using your bank information.
  • Login to your account.
  • Navigate to Transactions.
  • Select Debit Order.
  • Input your transaction PIN to sign into Debit Order page.
  • Find the transaction in question in History Menu.
  • Choose one of the reasons for dispute in the app.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and select Reverse.
  • Confirm your reversal through the action prompt that appears next.

Disputing debit orders on Capitec App

First of all, do note that some debit order may not be eligible for reversal. The success of money reversed relies on transaction kind. Furthermore, before you opt in for disputing a debit order, try to contact the beneficiary and explain situation of things to him or her, request your money back and hopefully, he/she will cooperate.

However, if the beneficiary did not refund, you can then proceed to dispute the debit order using Capitec App. Additionally, make sure you keep monitoring the bank account once the reversal process is began.

Monitoring of bank account when reversal process started ensures that your fund is refunded safely. In most cases, refund can take up to 7 business days. However, if the transaction is not refunded within an expected timeframe, kindly contact Capitec Bank’s customer support for further assistance.

Meanwhile, do note that lodging complains about valid successful transactions could lower your credit score, cancel your insurance policy, blacklist you in the credit bureau and gives you difficulty entering other credit agreement.

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