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How Much is Starlink in Kenya [Packages and Monthly Price]

Starlink in Kenya

Starlink is now available for sale in Kenya with five (5) packages. Starlink Kenya Packages includes Residential package, Business package, Mobility package, Maritime package and Roaming package. Meanwhile, purchasing Starlink internet service with global roaming package allows you to travel anywhere in the world with Internet Access.

Starlink is a low-latency satellite-based broadband internet service designed by Elon Musk’s aerospace engineering company SpaceX to offer high-speed internet connection of 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps with unlimited data (MB) access. Now available in Kenya, announced by Elon Musk, he said “users in Kenya can now subscribe to Starlink”.

Compared to other internet service providers (ISP) in Kenya, Starlink is advancing the future of internet connectivity through offering a reliable high speed internet connection. Starlink internet speed in Kenya is estimated to 50Mbps on minimum and 220Mbps on maximum.

However, in this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Elon Musk’s Starlink in Kenya, including, Kenyan’s packages and monthly cost. We’ll also explain how to buy or order Starlink in Kenya and some key benefits of using the low orbit satellite for internet connection in the East Africa country.

How Much is Starlink in Kenya?

The Price of Starlink in Kenya is categorized into three (3) major part, Hardware (Starlink Kit: satellite dish, mounting tripod, Wi-Fi router, power supply, and cables) fee which cost KSh89,000, Shipping and Handling fee which is KSh3,100 and Monthly subscription fee Ksh6,500.

However, do note that Starlink Monthly price varies depending on packages. Furthermore, as a first-time buyer, you’ll get Starlink for a total cost of Ksh98,600 in Kenya. Here’s the price in Kenya Shillings (KSH).

Starlink Kit & ItemsAmount in KSH
Hardware Kit89,000
Shipping & Handling3,100
Monthly subscription fee6,500 – Lowest package

Meanwhile, once you’ve made the initial deposit, it’s a one-time payment, but you have to keep paying for monthly subscription price to keep the reliable high-speed internet connection running.

Starlink Packages and Monthly Price in Kenya

As previously stated that Starlink offers five (5) various packages in Kenya, and they are; residential package, business package, roaming package, mobility package and maritime package. The Aviation and Starlink IOT packages are yet to come to Africa.

Here are Starlink Kenya Packages and Monthly Subscription Price:

PackagesMonthly Subscription Fee (KSh)Hardware Kit Price (KSh)

1. Residential Package

The Starlink’s Residential Kit is a home-based router that’s best for home internet solutions in Kenya. The Kit cost Ksh89,000, plus the shipping and handling fees which cost for KSh3,100 and it monthly subscription price of KSh6,500, making a total cost of KSh98,600 for the Starlink’s residential package.

However, shipping and delivery typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. Contact details and shipping address is needed to process and ensure your Hardware kit is delivered safely.

2. Business Package

Starlink’s Business Package is categorized into three (3) different service options in Kenya.

  1. Business Service Option 1: Subscribing to this business package will give you 1 Terabyte (TB) of priority data plus unlimited standard data. However, it’ll cost you KSh13, 572 monthly subscription fee.
  2. Business Service Option 2: This Starlink’s Business Package will offer you 2 Terabyte (TB) of priority data plus unlimited standard data for KSh27,144 per month.
  3. Business Service Option 3: This business package offers 6 Terebyte (TB) of priority data plus unlimited standard data for KSh81,432 every month as subscription cost.

Priority Data Meanings.

Starlink’s Priority Data simply means you’ll get network and connectivity at top prioritized demand, ensuring swift and consistent high internet speed. However, when you exhausted this data TB, you’ll be running of standard data connection which is unlimited.

Business Package Kit and Price

The Starlink’s Business Package is the best offer for busineses and organizations that have large amount of employees running on internet as their daily activities. Example of such organizations includes Financial Institutions e.g Banks, Government agencies e.g Immigration office.

However, the Starlink’s Business Package Kit cost KSh356, 606 and provide upto 220Mbps on Latency of 25ms to 50ms. Furthermore, it’s important to know that you’ll be given a 30-days trial on Business Package in Kenya.

3. Roaming Package

Starlink’s Roaming Package is also categorized into three (3) main plan. The Mobile Regional, Mobile Global (otherwise Mobility Package) and Mobile Priority (also known as Maritime Package). I will explore further about Mobile global and Mobile priority in the next section.

The Mobile Regional Plan of Starlink’s Roaming Package in Kenya costs KSh7, 900  subscription fee per month and KSh92,100 for package kit price, and it’s used for roaming the internet anywhere on Land. Unlike the residential package that’s home-based router, the Mobile Regional package can be taken to anywhere in Kenya for internet services.

4. Mobility Package (Mobile Global)

The Mobility Package of Starlink is a roaming internet service in Kenya. With this package, you can travel anywhere in the world and still have internet access. The Mobility Package is also known as Mobile Global Package or International Package.

Starlink’s Mobility Package Kit costs Ksh356,606 with internet speed of 220Mbps and latency that’s less then 20ms. Furthermore, Mobility Package monthly subscription price in Kenya is set to KSh34,910.

5. Maritime Package (Mobile Roaming Priority)

The Starlink’s Maritime Package allow subscribers to access the internet at high speed rate of upto 220Mbps on latency lesser than 20ms while moving on Land or Sea. This package offer 50GB priority data to users and when the priority data is exhausted, user will begin roaming on unlimited standard data.

Maritime Package Kit costs KSh356,606 in Kenya and a monthly subscription price of KSh32,800. However, do note that the mobile regional package and mobile global package are roaming on unlimited standard data.

Starlink Internet Speed in Kenya.

Starlink is a low-latency satellite-based internet constellation. With high speed internet offering of 50Mbps to 220Mbps in less then 20 milliseconds (Ms) latency, the router provides high-speed internet connection in Kenya.

Unlike it rival, Safaricom which happens to be the country’s leading telecommunications company, offers internet services through gigabit and Digital subscriber line (DSL) networking technologies. However, this system of offering internet connection is old and slow and cannot compete with internet satellite in the low orbit of the Earth.

Furthermore, Latency can be define as the time consumption between the processing of data in a network. The lower the latency, as in Starlink’s Satellite, the faster the response. Nowadays, high-speed internet connection is essential especially in companies and startups that utilises cloud-based systems. 

In East Africa country, e.g Kenya, 5G and 4G internet connection is only available to the major cities including Nairobi, the federal capital of Kenya. But with Elon Musk’s Starlink, Internet service is served to the rural and urban areas with high-speed internet connection, because the router uses low-orbit internet satellites to offer it services.

How to Buy Starlink in Kenya

Here is the simple steps to buy or order Starlink in Kenya:

  • Go-to starlink.com in your web’s browser on your smartphone or computer.
  • Input all the required information such as your country, shipping address, legal name and contact information.
  • Once that’s done, tap on “Order Now” and account will be automatically registered for you.
  • Now, proceed to choose package and continue to payment page 
  • Make payment through your Debit Card, PayPal, or Credit Card.
  • Once payment information has been added, review your order and tap on “Place Order”.

However, do note that in the checkout page, payment options that’s suitable for your region will be available. If you can’t find your preferred payment methods, you can opt-in for virtual dollar card to complete your payment. Furthermore, do note that it can take up to three (3) weeks to get your Starlink’s Kit delivered.

Kabiru Connect Starlink: Karibu Connect is a Starlink authorized reseller in Kenya. Very soon, you’ll start buying Starlink Kit directly in Kenya shop and subscribing to it packages’ plans through in-shop mobile money agent.

How to Setup Starlink Kit

To use Starlink, you will have to set up the kit. Your Starlink’s Kit will comprises of satellite dish, mounting tripod, Wi-Fi router, power supply, and cables. Now, look for a location that have no hindrance to the Sky.

Starlink's Satellite Dish

Next, mount the satellite dish and connect it using cables in the Kit with the Wi-Fi router. Once you’ve setup the Kit, start using Starlink. You can connect to the internet and manage your account through Starlink Mobile Application.

Internet Price Comparison in Kenya.

Medium-speed Internet SubscriptionKSh6,300 ($44) monthly for 40 MbpsKSh6,500 ($46) monthly for 50 to 200 MbpsNillNill
High-speed Internet SubscriptionKSh12,500 ($88) monthly for 100 MbpsKSh32,800 ($231) monthly for 220 Mbps and -20msNillNill
Installation FeesKSh3,000 ($21)NillKsh15,000 ($106)Nill

Starlink Internet Pricing in Kenya.

Internet PackagePrice (KSh)Monthly Subscription Price (KSh)SpeedLatencyPackage DetailsAdditional Information
Starlink’s Residential Package92,1006,50025 to 200 Mbps25 to 50msUnlimited Standard DataShipping Fee costs KSh3,100
Starlink’s Business Package 1356,60613,572220Mbps25ms1 TB priority data plus unlimited standard data30 days trial
Starlink’s Business Package 2356,60627,144220Mbps25ms2 TB priority data plus unlimited standard data30 days trial
Starlink’s Business Package 3356,60681,432220Mbps25ms6 TB priority data plus unlimited standard data30 days trial
Starlink’s Roaming Package92,1007,90050Mbps50msCan be used to access the internet on Land in KenyaNill
Starlink’s Mobility Package356,60634,910220MbpsLess then 20msCan be used to access Internet both in and out of KenyaIt’s an advance plan of Roaming Package
Starlink’s Maritime Package356,60632,800220MbpsLess than 20ms50GB of priority data plus unlimited standard dataCan be used to roam the internet on Land and on Sea while moving
Safaricom Internet Package 1Nill6,30040MbpsNillInitial InstallationNill
Safaricom Internet Package 2Nill12,500100MbpsNillInitial InstallationNill

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