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[Fixed] You cannot Message this User because You’re are Not a Verified User on Twitter

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Fixing “You Cannot Message This User Because You are Not Verified” error is one of the major problems Twitter users are seeking solutions to, and in this guide, we’ll explore some actionable tips to bypass this error message if you’re not a Verified User on Twitter.

This restriction has been imposed to Twitter users who doesn’t have Twitter Blue. In other words, Unverified users cannot send a direct message (DM) to verified users. However, subscribing to Twitter Blue will help resolve this issue immediately. But fear not! We will guide you through the methods of sending DMs on Twitter without being verified.

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Twitter was initially known as the social app for fleeting thoughts, viral trends, and now, it’s become an inexplicable errors! However, since Elon Musk’s acquisition, the bird app has turned south. Even Threads app that’s introduced by Meta, Facebook parent company is incompetent enough to rival with Twitter, leaving users no option to stick with Twitter’s policy.

Moreover, Twitter Blue means everything on Twitter. The badge doesn’t only grants the verification badge but also unlocks a few additional perks including direct messaging (DM) feature on the social app. However, to get Twitter Blue, it only costs $8 per month.

Resolve: Allowing Message Request From Everyone.

To resolve or fix “You Cannot Message This User Because You are Not Verified” error message on Twitter whenever you try to send a DM to verified user, you’ll have to enable “Message Request” from everyone. Here’s how;

  • Launch Twitter app and login to your account.
  • Tap on “Message” tab
  • Tap on “Settings” icon in the Message page
  • Now, change your “Message Settings” from “Allow message requests from only Twitter Blue Subscribers” to “Allow message requests from everyone

Once you’re done with the settings, you’ll now be allowed to send and receive direct messages to and from Twitter Blue users.

Sending Direct Messages (DMs) on Twitter.

Currently, you can send direct messages (DMs) to users on Twitter. However, limitations have been imposed to sending DMs to verified users on Twitter. A Twitter Blue subscription is needed to access all the exclusive features in Twitter, including the DM to verified users.

Meanwhile, we’ve give some actionable tips to sending direct messages (DMs) on Twitter without a verification badge subscription.

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Furthermore, aside the fact that Twitter Blue subscription is giving users ability to text message verified users on the social app, it’s also used to offers features like editing tweets, unlocking a “Highlights” tab, removing post limitations and getting a verified checkmark.

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In conclusion, fixing error message “You Cannot Message This User Because You are Not Verified” on Twitter can be done through some adjustments in your Twitter’s Message Settings under your profile. Do let’s know if you’ve resolve your issues with Twitter’s DM.

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