ChatGPT: Sorry You Have Been Blocked, Here’s How to Unblock OpenAI Account

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ChatGPT: How to fix "sorry you have been blocked" error

Have you been blocked from using ChatGPT?  I totally understand your situation right now, and that’s why I offer actionable tips on how to fix the “Sorry, you have been blocked” error in ChatGPT. The nifty AI chat no longer needs introducing, but let me give it a brief because of newbies.

ChatGPT; an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI, an AI language model company; is a widely used ChatBot offering various creative, work-related, and entertainment applications. But what happens when your ChatGPT Account gets blocked?

If you are encountering ChatGPT “Sorry, you have been blocked” error message while trying to use the OpenAI’s chatbot, researching the reasons behind such blocks can help you with few hand fixes and ensure a smooth experience with the chatbot in the future.

However, this error message is not a common occurrence. Although, it can frustrating and inconvenient when it happens but it’s not as bad as other ChatGPT errors such as the error code 1020 or the “Signup is currently unavailable” issue.

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Hence, let’s begin to explore the “ChatGPT: sorry, you have been blocked” error notification. In this article, I’ll provide you with how to unblock ChatGPT and common potential reasons OpenAI might block your account. So, continue reading to find out all you need to know.

ChatGPT, sorry you have been blocked, what does it means?

The “sorry, you have been blocked” error message in your ChatGPT account means the OpenAI’s system has detected some unusual activity and behavior or suspicious login attempt from unknown device or IP address, and as a result, the system has temporarily blocked, banned or denied access to your account.

Sorry,you have been blocked error message on ChatGPT

Your ChatGPT account might get banned or blocked if you’ve engaged in unacceptable activities such as abusive behaviour, spamming, or violating OpenAI’s terms of use. The Section Six (6) of the platform’s T&Cs outlines the conditions under which OpenAI may terminate a user’s access to their services.

Furthermore, you can get your ChatGPT account blocked if you’re using Virtual Private Network (VPN). The OpenAI’s system understand using of VPN as a potential security (IP) threat, particularly if the IP address is associated with high-risk or malicious activities.

Regardless of what might caused your ban, you’d probably want to fix the issues with your ChatGPT account. Further your reading to learn more.

Reasons your ChatGPT Account is Blocked by OpenAI

Here are few potential reasons your ChatGPT account is blocked.

1. Many Incorrect Login Attempts

This is the major causes why your ChatGPT account is blocked. If you’ve tried logging in severally using wrong password or username, it will raise suspicious activity and the system will have your account block to protect it.

Too many incorrect login attempts usually happens when you forget any of your login credentials or when someone else is trying to access your ChatGPT account without your permission. Hence, you’ll get “Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts“.

Fortunately, if “too many incorrect login attempts” caused the “Sorry, you have been Blocked” error message in your ChatGPT account after multiple consecutive login attempts, then, it’s a temporary ban to protect your account. You can wait for a certain period, typically a few hours, before attempting to log in again.

Furthermore, if you forget your password, try reset it by using the forget-password button. You can also sign up using Google Account, Apple Account or Facebook Account. They don’t require password and username whenever you want to login to your ChatGPT account.

2. Using a Proxy Connection e.g VPN

Anonymous browsing such using a virtual private network (VPN) is another reason your ChatGPT account might be blocked. OpenAI’s system might interpret proxy connections as potential security threats, especially if the browser IP address is connected with high-risk or malicious software.

Although, VPNs are recognized as software that ensures privacy and security of users, they can also be used for malicious activities including bridging or bypassing usage restrictions. Hence, for safety of users, OpenAI may temporarily ban accounts that access ChatGPT via VPN-connected device.

VPN could caused ChatGPT account being blocked

However, do note that many people use a VPN and have no issues with ChatGPT, as many websites and applications are against the use of VPN for various reasons. So, if you encounter the “Sorry, You have been blocked” error in ChatGPT, it could be due to the presence of a VPN connection.

To solve this issue, turn OFF the VPN and try to login to your ChatGPT account without a proxy connection. In this case, disabling the VPN, or switching to a different browser, or using the browser’s Incognito mode can instantly resolve the issue.

3. Violating OpenAI’s Terms of Service

The section six (6) of OpanAI’s Terms Of Use states the conditions under which the company may terminate a user’s access to their services. This is expected to be accepted by user who want to continue using OpenAI’s service including ChatGPT.

Cause of ChatGPT account being blocked: Violating OpenAI's content policy

If you violate OpenAI’s terms and conditions, your account will be banned. And I’m afraid that you may need to appeal the ban through OpenAI’s help center to resolve the issue.

4. Misusing or Suspicious Activities

Misusing ChatGPT account may lead to blockage. If OpenAI’s system discover suspicious activities (including inappropriate or abusive behavior, spamming, or using the chatbot for illegal activities) in your account, you may end up getting ban.

As previously stated, OpenAI has implemented strictly privacy and security measures to prevent misusing, inappropriating, and spamming by blocking users’ accounts that violate their usage policies.

However, to resolve this issue, you’ll have to get in touch with OpenAI team and prove to them that you’ll desist from inappropriate activities you’re engaged. You can contact OpenAI’s team via help center that’s available on their official website. You can also get help from OpenAI Developer Forum.

5. Creating Multiple Accounts on Free Plan

OpenAI gives individual user free usage to ChatGPT. Opening more than two accounts violate the policy of the platform and can leads to the blocking of your ChatGPT account. The free plan of ChatGPT allows you to create one account and use the chatbot for free but, in some cases, the service is unavailable because of high traffics.

So, if one of your ChatGPT account is blocked, delete all other account you have to eliminate multiple accounts in OpenAI’s database. Get tips on how to delete ChatGPT multiple accounts here. Opening multiple accounts to gain access to ChatGPT service may be tempting. But this is a bad idea and can cause ChatGPT account being banned.

6. Restrictions and Limitations

The limitations and restrictions that’s placed on ChatGPT services may cause account being blocked if user try to bypass or bridge it. The platform can also ban your account if the system detects you are using the ChatGPT in a way that poses a risk to others. For instance, using ChatGPT to generate abusive speech or fake news.

Furthermore, some other reasons that could caused “Sorry, you have been blocked” on your ChatGPT account includes;

  • Having multiple devices logged into one ChatGPT account at a time.
  • Requesting for adult contents.
  • Hate or abusive speech, fake news and harassment.
  • Asking too many questions in a single prompt.
  • Country or IP or ISP specifically banned.

Lastly, all the mentioned above violations can cause your ChatGPT account being blocked or banned. Hence, if you’re encountering “sorry, you have been blocked” error notification on your OpenAI’s ChatGPT account, you’ve probably violate the platform’s policy.

How to Unblock ChatGPT Account

How to unblock ChatGPT Account

To fix “sorry, you have been blocked” or to unblock your ChatGPT account, it’s essential to first understand what caused the ban. Once you identify the reasons behind the blockage, then, you can proceed on the actionable tips to fix the issue.

However, it’s also important to note that the specific reasons for getting blocked on ChatGPT service may vary depending on the circumstances and activities that’s being carried out on the account. But if you think your ChatGPT account was wrongly blocked or need more help unblocking it, you can try some tips highlighted below.

Tips to Fix or Unblock your ChatGPT Account:

  • Reset your password or login through third-party platforms such Google Account, Apple ID or Facebook Account.
  • Disconnect any Proxy connection such as VPN whenever you want to login to your ChatGPT account.
  • Always abide by OpenAI’s terms and conditions.
  • Do note engage with misusing ChatGPT service for hate and abusive speech or fake news.
  • If you have multiple ChatGPT accounts, delete them. OpenAI only allows one account per individual.
  • Always login to your account on a device at a time.
  • Do not try to bypass or bridge limitations imposed on the ChatGPT service.

However, if you have tried all those actionable tips highlighted above and none of it seems to works, then, getting in touch with OpenAI’s support through their help center is advised. The team will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take and help you regain access to your ChatGPT account.

Keeping your ChatGPT Unblocked

The best way to keep your ChatGPT account unblocked is to regularly abides by OpenAI’s terms of use, rules, regulations and guidelines set by the AI language model company. This includes not having multiple accounts, not using proxy connections and not using the service for inappropriate activities such as hate speech and fake news.

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Lastly, Have you ever been benned for content violation on ChatGPT?  Do let us know in the comment section if this article has also helped you in any way and subscribe to our Newsletter for more tech related contents.

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