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BasiGo to Expands Electric Buses Operation to Rwanda

BasiGo Electric Buses are Entering Rwanda

BasiGo, an Electric Buses manufacturing company that’s base in Kenya, is aiming at expanding it operations to Rwanda by the end of 2024. The EVs manufacturer is diving into Rwanda Market with a new Entity – BasiGo Rwanda LTD.

BasiGo is already in partnership with Associated Vehicle Assemblers Ltd (AVA) to assemble its buses in Kenya. Now, the manufacturer is partnering with AC Mobility, Rwanda’s top supplier of automated fare collection systems for public transport, to execute this expansion.

This collaboration is aimed at supplying electric buses to Kigali transport operators by the end of 2023 using BasiGo’s Pay-As-You-Drive financing model. The model that allows drivers to buy electric buses on credit in addition to a daily subscription fee that covers the price of renting the battery, nightly charging at a BasiGo depot, and bus service and maintenance.

However, through the Pay-As-Yoy-Drive Financing Model, BasiGo and AC Mobility plans to deliverore than 200 electric buses to Rwandan bus operators by the end of 2024. Meanwhile, recap that this financing model is what BasiGo has been using in Kenya and it seems to be a good business plan.

BasiGo Electric Buses in Rwanda will serves as solutions to current problems that is being encountering by Kigali’s public transportation system, which has been posing as threats to passengers’ convenience.

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