5 things you need to know about Threads Social App before Signup

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Threads app

Threads is a Twitter-like social media app created by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the purpose of luring people off social media giant, Twitter, and getting rids of Elon Musk’s dramas on the $44 billions app.

Apart from Threads app, other social media platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, Spoutible, Spill, Koo, Hive Social and Truth Social have basically cloned Twitter since Elon Musk’s Acquisition of the Bird app.

Now, Threads has joined the long list of the copy cat social apps, working exactly like Twitter and come with a bunch of similar Twitter features such as tweets called threads, and retweets known as rethreads on the Threads social app.

However, each post (called thread) is limited to 500 characters, and you can also quote and “repost” other users’ Threads – just like the “retweet” and quote features on Elon Musk’s Twitter application.

Launched in July 6, 2023, and since then, Threads app has generated a lot of buzz, getting over 30 million users 24 hours after its launched, and it has continued to gain traction ever since. Aside the fact that Threads app is linked with Instagram account, people are also leaving Twitter to Threads because of the recently imposed policies that are unbearable for Twitter’s users.

Quitting Twitter? Here are best alternative to the Bird App 😉.

Here are five (5) important things you need to know about Threads social media app before you signup an account:

Threads Social Media Account

1. Threads is Linked to Instagram

This simply means you must have Instagram account before you can use the Thread app. So, if you don’t have an account with Meta’s Instagram, you’ll have to create one before you can proceed to create a Threads account.

Here’s how to create Threads Account from Instagram.

However, do note that you can not create an Instagram account from your Threads app. We can only wait and see if this rule will change as Threads continue to grow. But, at the moment, Instagram account is needed to create a Threads app account.

2. Deleting Threads Account means Deleting Instagram Account

According to Threads privacy policy written by Instagram, Meta says “You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account”.

Threads App Privacy Policy
Instagram’s Threads App’s Privacy Policy

This simply means that for you to be able to delete your Threads Account, you’ll also be required to delete your Instagram account. But you can deactivate your Threads account without tampering with your Instagram account.

3. Threads uses Instagram’s Username and cannot be Changed

Usernames on Threads are directly linked to your Instagram account and cannot be changed. That’s, you must continue with your Instagram’s username when creating Threads account. However, to change your Threads username, you’d need to first change your username on Instagram and it’ll be reflected on Threads.

To do that, login to your Instagram account via app. Navigate to your profile and tap on edit to change your username. Erase the existing username and type your preferred username as you want it to appear on Threads app. Tap on save to complete your account.

4. No support for Hashtags, Direct or Private Messaging on Threads app

Currently, Threads app does not support hashtags, direct or private messaging or chat, as you would see on both Instagram and Twitter. But who knows? We might get the feature in the nearest future. Until then, you can only use the @mention option to get the attention of other Threads users.

5. Currently, no option to ‘Verification’

Unlike Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, there’s currently no option to “Blue Badge Verification” on Threads app. At the moment, only users that are already verified on Instagram can carry their verification badge to Threads when they signup.

In conclusion, Threads app is a subsidiary social application of Instagram. Meta built Threads to replace Twitter and all exclusive features that are present on other social media are yet to available on Threads app.

However, if you’re interested in using Threads app, follow me @temmy4samuel. You can also follow me on Twitter @temmy4samuel. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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