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WhatsApp has rolled out Feature that’ll let you Silence Incoming Call from Unknown User


WhatsApp, a Meta-owned platform and one of the most popular messaging app has rolled out a new features that’ll let you Silence incoming calls from unknown numbers. This “Silence Unknown Callers” feature is rolling out to users globally on Android and iOS as the platform introduces other changes.

This Announcement was made by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, and said that the new feature gives users new privacy and control to their WhatsApp account.

Meta CEO - Mark Zuckerberg
Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

According to a Media report, the silence unknown callers has been in beta mode for sometime, and the stable version is now available for Android and iOS users.

However, users must make sure their WhatsApp app is updated when the feature is finally rolled out.


The key benefit of this newly introduced WhatsApp feature is that it will allow users to mute calls from numbers not on their contact list automatically.

In other words, Amid prank calls and spam callers from unknown numbers on WhatsApp will be blocked automatically by enabling the Silence Unknown Callers.

How to Enables Silence-Unknown-Callers on WhatsApp

Follow these steps-by-steps guides to activate Silence Unknown Callers feature on your WhatsApp account.

  • First of all, update your WhatsApp app to the latest version in your app store. (Google play store or Apple app store)
  • Launch and open your WhatsApp
  • Tap on the Menu button and navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Select Calls
  • Tap on Enables “Silence Unknown Callers”

Boom! You have successfully activated Silence Unknown Callers on your WhatsApp account. Unknown Callers will not be able to disturb your phone anymore.

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