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UBA 30 Digit Session ID: Everything You Need To Know


UBA 30 digits session ID is a unique identification number that is generated for payment transactions once the transaction is successfully initiated. A session ID is an identifier codes that’s linked to every successful and unsuccessful transactions in a bank account. More so, a session ID can be used by any Financial institutions to trace and track a pending transactions.

Meanwhile, I’ve compiled everything you need to know about UBA 30 digits session ID, including how to find and get session ID via different methods, how session ID works, Meaning and session ID Example. Therefore, without any further Ado, let’s dive into the reviews of UBA Transaction Session ID.

UBA 30 Digit Session ID Meaning

The UBA session ID is a unique 30 digits code that can be find on every transaction receipt of a UBA Account. This 30 digit session ID can be used to trace and track any transaction entry if such transfer is not successful and you’re been debited.

In this situation, you’ll need to get your UBA transaction session ID to the customer care so that they can help you with further investigation of your funds where about.

In a nutshell, UBA 30 digit session ID simply means the transaction ID that can be used to trace and track pending or unsuccessful payment entry in a financial institution.

UBA 30 Digit Session ID Example

As previously mentioned that every transaction receipt on the UBA bank account will surely have a session ID, then you can simply find an example of session ID on any of the UBA receipt. Meanwhile, here is an Example of UBA session ID:

UBA 30 Digit Session ID Example
UBA 30 Digit Session ID Example

UBA 30 digit session ID example will be seen in a transaction receipt on the UBA mobile app, or iBank online or the receipt sent to your Email address if you receive alerts and notifications via Email. As you can see in the image above, the session ID will be listed among some transaction details such as Amount, Date, Transfer Reference, Transfer Status and more.

However, if the Session ID is less than 30 digits, kindly desist from sharing with the beneficiary bank as the institution will be unable to trace it from their records.

How UBA 30 Digit Session ID Works?

My transfer status is successful but the recipient has not received funds yet: This issue usually happens in bank account. Normally, transfer on UBA Account is almost instant, but due to some downtime such as server downtime, app updates, and regulatory issues, bank customers might reach out to complain they have not received value for a Transfer whose status is successful on sender’s dashboard.

How it works: If such issue occurs, do note that UBA has sent the money to recipient’s bank account. But it’s likely the recipient bank hasn’t added the value to the account balance. This can happen for many reasons, and here are a few of them:

  • The money was transferred to an inactive bank account. Inactive bank account includes closed or dormant bank account.
  • The money was transferred to an invalid account where recipient bank account number is wrong or doesn’t exit.
  • The recipient’s bank cannot add value because of restriction on the account. A restriction could be a lien on the recipient’s account or a limit on the amount the bank account can collect.
  • The recipient bank may be having server downtime or regulatory strikes such as CBN policies, or NDIC regulatory.
  • Recipient Mobile Banking app might be out-of-date. Recipient may need to update banking application to show added values.

These are some of the common reasons why a bank customer may not receive value for a successful Transfer. However, you should be taking some certain measures before initiating a transfer, and some of the measures are:

  • Conform thoroughly your recipient account number and name before you carryout the transfer.
  • Save recipient account number details to your beneficiary to avoid mistake next time you want to send money.

Notwithstanding, if all these measures have been put in place, but the recipient did not receive a successful transfer, here are the next step to take:

  1. Provision of UBA 30 digit session ID to Beneficiary
  2. Revision of Beneficiary’s Bank Statement

Provision of UBA Session ID: The session ID is usually attached to every successful initiated transfer in UBA Account. That is, where there is a session ID, the beneficiary bank should be able to trace and track the pending transfer. To find and get session ID from UBA will be discussed below. So, continue reading to get all tips.

Provision of Beneficiary Bank Account Statement: For some reasons, recipient may not get credit alerts and notifications from bank even thought the transfer is successful and funds have been added to account balance, it’s helpful to request the recipient’s bank statement from a day before the transfer was initiated and review it to confirm if the funds has not been added.

These are exactly how UBA 30 digits session ID works. From transaction initiation to requesting of account statement to confirm issue delaying transfer, session ID is an important 30 digit code that solve all pending transfer problems.

How to get UBA Session ID

To get or find UBA 30 digit session ID can be done in three(3) various ways and they are:

  1. Get UBA session ID via Mobile App
  2. Get Session ID Online
  3. Find Session ID via UBA Receipt sent to Email

These are the ways to find and get your UBA session ID. Therefore, let’s give it some analysis.

How to get Session ID on UBA Mobile App

Follow the steps below to find/get UBA session ID on Mobile banking app:

  • Login to your UBA account on Mobile app using your unique user ID and password.
  • Navigate to Transaction History page on your Dashboard
  • Search for and click on the Transfer Receipt in Question
  • In the pop-up page, you’ll find your 30 digit transaction session ID

After which, you can download and print the receipt for future advantages. However, you can also dispute the transaction to hasten the investigation. If you don’t know how to do that, here is a full tutorial for you “How to dispute a transaction receipt on UBA App

How to get UBA Session ID Online

Internet banking is another option to get 30 digits session ID from UBA account. To get UBA session ID online, follow the below step-by-steps instructions:

  • Login to your UBA account via iBank
  • Next, go-to transaction page on your iBank Dashboard
  • Find and click on the particular Transaction Receipt in question
  • From the pop-up page, you’ll find your UBA session ID that’s attached to that transaction receipt.

However, if you don’t remember your UBA user ID and password for iBank again, kindly read this tutorial, it’ll guide you on how to get your UBA User ID and password.

That’s just the simple methods to find and get UBA 30 DIGIT SESSION ID.

FAQs: UBA Session ID

What is Session ID in Bank?

Session ID in Bank is a 30 digits unique code that’s linked to every successful initiated transaction, used for tracking and tracing not-received successful transfer.

How to get session ID?

Session ID can be get in three various ways; you can get bank session ID via internet banking (online), mobile banking app and receipt sent to email.

Is session ID the same as reference number?

No, a session ID is a 30 digits code used for tracking transaction entry in a bank, while reference number is a unique ID referral code of the person that refer you to a bank.

UBA 30 digit session ID not working?

If your UBA 30 digit session ID is not working, it could be caused by various reasons. Here are few of them; server downtime, network problems, invalid session ID less than 30 digit code. However, kindly refrain from sharing session ID that’s less than 30-digits.


UBA 30 digit session ID is a very important feature in banking system. It’s used for tracking and tracing not-received successful transfer. When your recipient didn’t received a successful transfer, kindly provide the transaction session ID to the recipient, so that they can follow up their bank to get the funds added to their account balance.

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