Instagram Note and Music: How to Add Music to Note on Instagram

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Instagram Notes and Music
How to add music to Instagram’s Notes

You can now add music to Instagram Note. Nowadays, social media platforms are constantly evolving to offer users with innovative features such as revenue sharing, Reels, Checkmark and Note. Instagram, one of the leading social media and Meta-owned platforms for sharing photos and videos, has expanded its Notes feature to allow users to share 30-second, playable song clips within their status updates alongside text.

Adding music to Instagram Note has never been easier. But with this newly introduced feature called “Music to Instagram’s Note“, users can now post notes on the Notes tab and add music to them. This feature is letting users add an extra layer of creativity and personalization to their Instagram posts.

Furthermore, we’ve explored the new Instagram Notes feature and discussed how to add music to your notes with easy and detailed step-by-step guide to make the process seamless. However, before diving into adding music to Instagram Notes, let’s take a moment to appreciate how Meta is slowly turning Instagram into Myspace, and how Music-to-Notes works.

How to use Add-Music-To-Notes on Instagram

As previously stated, Meta-owned platform, Instagram has introduced add-music-to-notes feature that’ll let users add songs from Instagram’s music library to their Notes, giving it an extra layer of creativity and personalization.

Instagram Notes now have a built-in add-on for adding music from Instagram’s music library. According to Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who announced the launch of the new Notes’ feature in an Instagram broadcast channel and Story post, stated how Music on Notes works.

Mark Zuckerberg Adding Song to Instagram Notes
Posting a song as your Instagram Notes

To use Music on Instagram’s Notes, you may first need to update your Instagram app to the latest version. Then, go-to Chats (or DMs) window and tap the ‘+’ sign on your profile icon at the top of the list. Now, in addition to seeing the Share a though prompt, you will also see a music note icon. Tap the icon and select the song you want to add. You can add a caption if you want, then hit Share.

However, do note that music-on-notes are 30 seconds long, and will play when another user taps that person’s Notes bubble. Furthermore, users can choose who sees their Notes – when sharing, they’ll see the option to share the status with “Followers you follow back” or “Close Friends” only.

More, so, user’s friends blocked from seeing Notes won’t be notified about the Notes update, but they’ll see it at the top of their own Chat pages on mobile. Users can only post one Note at a time, so any new Notes shared within 24 hours of another will replace the previous post.

So, that’s how to use Music on Instagram’s Notes and how it works. Now let’s take a moment to appreciate how Meta is slowly rebranding Instagram to Myspace. Do you recall that Myspace was filled with customizable profiles and music playing in the background?

Well, Meta is making Instagram embracing a similar concept with its new Notes feature. So, get ready to take advantages of the good old Myspace days while adding a modern twist of creativity and personalization to your Instagram posts.

How to Add Music to Instagram Notes

Follow the below step-by-steps instructions to simply add music to your Instagram Notes:

  1. First thing first, update your Instagram app to the latest version from Google play store or Apple’s app store.
  2. Now open the Instagram app and navigate to Messages tab using the icon located at the top-right corner of your home screen.
  3. Next, tap on Notes to enter Notes section in the Messages tab.
  4. Tap on Write a Note to start creating your Notes. In the Notes, you can add texts and songs.
  5. Tap on the Music icon located in the composer to add music to your Note. This will open up a music library for you to choose your preferred song. More so, you can preview the track to help you make the right choice for your Note.
  6. Share your Note by tapping on the share button to publish it.

These are just the simple ways to add music to your Instagram Notes. Meanwhile, do note that you can choose who sees your Notes in the options to share the Note with ‘Followers you follow back’ or ‘Close Friends’ only at the point of hitting the publish button.

FAQs about Instagram Notes’ Music

Why can’t I add Music to my Instagram Notes?

The possible reason that could caused inability to add music to Instagram Notes is if you don’t update your Instagram app to the latest version before you go ahead and add songs to your Notes.

How can I update my Instagram app?

Kindly go to Google’s play store or Apple’s app store to update your Instagram app.

Can I add Music to existing Instagram’s Notes?

No! you cannot add music to existing notes on Instagram. The option to add music is available only during the creation of a new note.


As you can see that adding songs to Instagram’s Notes is a simple process. You can read through this guide to learn more about adding music to Notes on Instagram. Music to Notes allows user to modern twist their Instagram posts by giving it music playing in the background.

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