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How to Stop Loan App Harassment

How to stop Loan app harassment in Nigeria and Kenya

Although, most of these loan apps offer low interest rates and some other exclusive credit advance features like short term and long term loans. But, if any of their borrowers default his repayment, it usually leads to harassment whereby the digital credit platform try to pressure you into completing their loan repayment process by calling you repeatedly, sometimes at odd hours of the day and night.

Massively, Loan apps in Nigeria and Kenya are gaining popularity everyday. Their fair interest rate and repayment schedule may thrive you to consider obtaining a loan from them. Meanwhile, there are more behind the scene. That’s why it’s advisable to compare loans from different lenders.

Loan apps, on the other hands are usually imposing harassment on their customers who fail to repay their outstanding balance in due date by accessing their contact lists, calling and sending messages to your friends and families on WhatsApp.

However, loan apps harassment is against the rule and regulations of Google play store, Nigeria Government and Kenya Government. That’s, all those digital credit platforms don’t have the right to access your contact list or even send messages to your friends and family via SMS or WhatsApp.

Normally, if you, by any chance default loans, your creditor should report you to the credit bureau and blacklist your name on their platforms. In-fact, Loan apps does not have access to flag or block your BVN. Only the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) or Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) have the right to flag/block your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Moreover, if you’ve been getting harassment from your lending platforms or they’ve been accessing your phone list to contact your relatives, simply report to government of your country or do the following to stop the loan apps harassment. Fortunately, if you are an iPhone or Android user, there are a few steps you can take to stop these Loan apps harassment through Google play store.

Block Loan Apps on Google Play Store

Kenyan and Nigerian Government has seize many digital credit platforms’ License because of harassment they usually give to their borrower whenever they default loans in due date. Hence, new rules that govern loan apps has been put in place.

Furthermore, Google play store also updated it terms and conditions that governs listing of loan apps on it platform. According to Google, all digital credit platforms must submit proof of their operating license given to them by their country Government.

As previously stated, Loan applications or digital credit platforms does not have the right to access your contact list or call any of your relative to inform them about your outstanding loans. Hence, follow the step-by-steps guides to stop loan apps harassment from Google play sore.

Install App Lock on Google Play Store

The first step to stop loan apps harassment is to open Google play store on your phone and use the search bar to search for App Lock. It’s an app that’ll allows you to set passwords to your phone applications, including call app features.

Download and Install the App Lock. Then, launch the app and create new app lock. Next, search for a loan in the Lock and go through all the Lock options until you find a tab called Loan Blocking

If there is no such option for App Lock, then click on any of the loan apps (i.e., LendUp, AimLoan, Okash, etc). Once you are in Loan Blocking select Block or just Uninstall it.

Go-to My Apps and Settings

The second steps to stop loan apps harassment is to go-to apps and games on your phone to turn off app notifications. Basically, all Android devices have a built-in Manage Applications Feature that allows you to block which apps can access your personal data.

To block loan apps from accessing your data such as contacts, microphone, camera, e.t.c., open Settings and tap on Apps & Notifications on your phone. Next, select Manage App Notifications, and search for the particular loan app and turn off all notifications.

Block Loan Apps on iPhone

There are two different ways to stop loan apps harassment on iPhone, and they are; select Apps with Usage Access, and find loan app you want to block through iPhone Settings & Privacy.

To block loan app from accessing your data on iPhone through selecting of apps with usage access, go into Settings > General > Apps With Usage Access. From there, you can select the loan app and disable its usage access.

Furthermore, you can just use Device Manager to kill off Loan app entirely. Disabling an App’s usage access means it will stop getting notifications about everything going on with your iPhone—whether you’re using a particular service or not.

The second steps to stop loan apps harassment on iPhone is by opening up your iPhone’s Settings menu and select Privacy, then select all contacts you want to restrict their access from your particular loan applications.

Here are other ways to block loan apps from accessing your contact list.

Avoid Taking Loans

This is simple enough right? To simply avoid loan app harassment, just don’t take the loan in the first place. If you’re financially stagnant, you can borrow loan without collateral from a friends, family or other relatives.

Money borrowed from friends and relatives can be paid back whenever it’s convenient for you. Many of these loan apps does not worth your time, you should avoid them like the plague.

Payback Loan Before Due Date

This is another way to avoid loan app harassment. Once you pay back your outstanding loans on time, there will no be reason for the loan apps to harass you and spreading false rumor about you not paying back your debts.

Delete Loan App

You can DELETE Loan applications from your smartphones to stop them from accessing your contact, phone call, microphone and camera. Furthermore, it’ll be best to delete your account (details) from the lender before uninstalling its app on your phone.

However, you can only have permission to DELETE your loan account when you’re done with your repayment schedule and without any outstanding loans. To delete your account, kindly contact your lender via email or call.

2 thoughts on “How to Stop Loan App Harassment

  1. Petition against Hela Cash loan app for Fraudulent Practices.

    I saw an advert for online loan with Hela Cash app with the following conditions interest rate of 0.09% and repayment term of 180 days without hidden charges and I applied for a loan of #100, 000 to solve immediate financial challenge.

    Surprisingly, the app approved a loan of #12, 100 for me without an option to reject since the said amount will not help me in any way.

    Some minutes later I got a credit alert of #9, 075 into my account GTBank 0049925503 which is less by #3, 025 (25% of the loan) followed up by a message that my account had been credited with the loan sum and that I am expected to pay back in 7 days the loan amount of #12, 100 + additional #847 loan interest making a total of #12, 947 within 7 days.

    Invariably, the above transaction is a scam and does not follow due process of financial procedure of the government and the transaction in itself is a big fraud.

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