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How to Link Email to FCMB Bank Account

FCMB Branch
FCMB Branch

On a contrary, you should link your email address to your FCMB bank account when opening the account in the bank. But due to ignorance, we only add mobile number which is mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Linking of Email to bank account will allow receiving of alerts and notifications via the email.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to receive bank’s new and updates about innovations, products and services, and branches closure for holiday as it was announced via email on Democracy Day. More so, Email address is required for activating internet banking.

Linking of Email Address to FCMB bank account has been explained in this article. All you need to do is continue reading this tutorial to the end to get the main clue of adding your email to your FCMB bank account without stress.

How to Link my Email to my FCMB Bank Account

You can link your email address to your First City Monument Bank in four (4) different ways; link email via internet banking, via mobile banking app, visiting the bank branch and contacting FCBM customer support teams to link your Email.

Hence, we’ll take these steps one after the other. Let’s get started!

Link Email via Internet Banking

As previously stated that you cannot activate your internet banking without link an email to your bank account. That means this method can only be used to change email address. If you’ve already linked one email address to your FCMB account, then through internet banking you can change it.

To change your Email address through internet banking, follow the below steps;

  • Go-to your FCMB internet banking login page on your web browser
  • Login using your user ID and password
  • Navigate your dashboard to profile and tap on edit email
  • Erase the previous email and add your preferred email
  • Tap on Add Email, and OTP code will be sent to the new email to confirm it’s valid
  • Input the code and tap on Confirm

Once you’ve tap on confirm, you’ll get a pop-up notification stating that you’ve successfully linked a new email to your bank account.

Visit the FCMB Branch to Link Email

You can also link email address to your FCMB account by going to the bank branch. When you reach the bank, request for account update form. Fill out the form and include the email address you want to be using to receive alerts and notifications.

Fill out other mandatory requirements such as account number, bvn, date of birth, phone number, e.t.c.

Once you’re done filling the form, submit it to the hand-on-desk customer care and wait for update from the customer support care. You bank account will be updated using your newly provided information.

After that, you’ll start receiving alerts and notifications via email.

Link Email Address through FCMB Mobile App

Linking email address through FCMB app is a simple task. All you have to do is login to your mobile banking application and tap on the Menu tab available at the upper left corner of your dashboard.

Tap on Edit Email and add your new email, then tap on confirm. Once you’re done, you’ve successfully add email to your FCMB account via mobile banking app.

Contact FCMB via Email to Link Email Address

Another method of adding email address to your FCMB account is by contacting the FCMB customer support center and request for account update.

To do that, login to your email app and create a new composition. Add title as ‘Request to Update my FCMB Account’s Email’. In the body of your composition, add your account number, account name, phone number, and valid means of identification with selfie of you holding the ID card.

Confirm your composition and send it to customerservice@fcmb.com. The FCMB customer support center will get in touch with you within 24 hours of business days. They will inform you if any further action is required.

In summary,

FCMB is one of the most popular commercial banks in Nigeria. Among others, they are also implementing the use of Email to offers some financial services to their account holders. Email address is useful in bank for security, getting one-time password, bank’s update and news, products and services updates e.t.c.

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