How to Link Email Address to Zenith Bank Account

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Zenith Bank

One of the major reasons for linking an email address to Zenith Bank Account is to be able to receive alerts and notifications at no additional cost. If your email is connected to your bank account, you’ll be able to receive notifications on credit/debit transactions, account balance updates, products and services notifications and more.

Normally, when filling an account opening form in Zenith Bank branch, you’ll have the options to . attach your phone number and email address for alerts and notifications, but due to ignorance that’s killing most bank customers, they usually omit the email address space.

However, linking of phone number is compulsory in any commercial banks in Nigeria. As CBN as mandate it to all banks’ users to link their phone for receiving alerts on any activities carried out on their bank account.

Although, the SMS alerts and notifications incur for a monthly fees which will be deducted from your account balance at month end. But it’s important to link it so that it can help you safeguard your bank account.

Well, you can instruct your bank to disable the SMS alerts by filling indemnity form which is necessary so that your bank won’t owe responsibility when your bank account is compromised due to not receiving alerts and notifications via phone.

However, you can replace the SMS alerts and notifications with Zenith Bank Email Address Alerts and Notifications. Most people prefer receiving alerts via Email because it doesn’t incur for any fees.

Hence, if you want to learn how to link your email address to your Zenith Bank Account, then you have to continue reading this article. Moreso, make sure you drop a comment before you leave, and share this article to your friends and families.

How to Link my Email to my Zenith Bank Account

Follow this steps to connect email address to your Zenith Bank Account;

1. Link Email via Zenith Bank Internet Banking: This methods of linking email address is a very simple one. If you already activated your Zenith Bank Internet Banking, simply login using your user ID and password.

Navigate through your account dashboard and tap on Profile, then edit to start editig your profile. Tap on update email notification to add email address. 

Input your valid email address and tap continue. A verification code will sent to your email. Confirm the code and tap Add.

Then a pop-up notification will come up stating that you’ve successfully added your email address.

2. Link your Email via Zenith Bank Mobile Banking Application: Login to your mobile app and tap on setting. Tap on edit alert and notification, then tap on update email address.

Input a new email address and confirm the one-time passcode sent to the email. Once confirmed, tap on Add and you’ve successfully added your email address to your Zenith Bank Account.

3. Go-to Zenith Bank Branch to Add Email Address: Another way to link your email address to your Zenith Bank Account is by visiting the bank branch near you.

Request for account update form, fill in the form with the appropriate details including the new email address you want add.

Submit the form and wait till the Customer support center tell you that your account has been updated successfully with your email address.

4. Contact Zenith Bank Customer support Center to Link Email Address: You can contact Zenith Bank Customer Care via to link your email address to your account.

To do so, login to your Gmail app, tap the pencil icon to write new email. Title your email Account Update Request.

Detailed your request in the body of the email. Make sure you add the email you want to add and tap on send. 

The Customer support center will get back to you with 2 business days and give you update about your request.

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