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How to get OPay OTP code

OPAY Account OTP Code

OPAY is one of the Fintech apps in Nigeria that prioritized her customers privacy and security. OTP code is of the way the e-payment platform use in securing and authenticating transactions, logins and third-party payments.

The one-time passcode (OTP) is a 6 digit unique code that’s sent to your phone number or email address upon request to authenticate or validate a transaction action being carry out from your OPay Account.

OTP codes are usually sent to your registered OPAY mobile number or email address. OTP codes are required whenever you want to login to your OPay app via new device. It can also be required whenever you’re perform third-party payment from other platform.

An OPay OTP code may also be required whenever you’re making changes to your account profile on the app. However, do note that if you’re logining OPay Account on a regular devices, an otp code will not be required.

But if you’re signing in using new device, you cannot bypass the otp code. The OPay Account will definitely requires you to authenticate or validate your actions by sending you an otp code via phone or email address.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the methods of getting OPay OTP code even when you’re not getting the code upon request. All you need to do is read this article to the very end.

OTP codes

How to get OTP code for OPay

Usually, upon request, you’re supposed to be sent an otp code via SMS or Email to verify your account on the OPay Account. But if you did not receive it, you can try out the alternative option by dialing the USSD code *347*010#.

OPay OTP codes are usually sent via SMS to phone number or email address. It’s usually 6 digit code or 4 digit code. The otp code usually takes less than a minute to enter and in some cases, it may take longer.

However, do note that OPay OTP code usually takes 30 minutes to expire starting from when it was requested.

Furthermore, do note that requesting OPay OTP code by dialing *347*010# incur for a fee of N10 everytime you use the USSD code alternative.

How to Login my OPay without OTP

You can login to your OPAY Account without OTP code only if you’re signing in through regularly used devices. But if you’re logining in via new devices, otp code will be required.

Hence, it’s advisable to login via regularly used phone or app to ignore the OPay OTP code.


To get OTP code on OPay is a very simple task to do as it’s described above. You can get it upon request when trying to carryout some activities on your OPay Account, or you can request for it via USSD code by dialing *347*010# on your registered phone number.

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