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How to get Access Bank 30 Digits Session ID

Access Bank Session ID

Access Bank is among the reputable financial institutions/commercial banks in Nigeria. Getting its session ID for your successful but not received transactions isn’t a problem at all. To get your transaction session ID on Access Bank Account can be done in three different ways, and they are;

  1. Get session ID via Access Bank Mobile banking app
  2. Get session ID online via Internet Banking
  3. Find your Access Bank Session ID through Email.

Session ID is a 30 digits unique code that’s attached to every transaction receipt in a bank. Without exception, Access Bank also possess a session ID for every successfully initiated transfer on it banking system.

However, it doesn’t matter whether the transaction was successful or unsuccessful. But once it’s initiated, it’ll definitely have a tracking code, also known as Transaction Session ID.

Moreover, many bank customers usually think session ID is the same as reference number, which is absolutely wrong. A reference number or reference ID is a unique referral code of the person that refer you to a bank.

So, don’t get it twisted – you can learn more about the difference between a session ID and reference number here.

Furthermore, a session ID can be used by any banks in Nigeria to trace and track successful-but-not-received transactions. 

For example, you sent money from your Access Bank Account to other beneficiary bank. You got debited and the fund is not received, the transaction session ID will be used to trace the funds and released it to appropriate bank account.

Hence, if you’re looking for ways to get your Access Bank 30 digits session ID, then you’re in the right tutorial. In this article, I’ve compiled the three methods to get Session ID on your Access Bank Account.

Get Access Bank Session ID Online

To get your Access Bank transaction session ID online, you’ll need to login to your internet banking account using your unique user ID and passcode.

Next, Navigate through your dashboard to find transaction history. Tap on it and search for the particular transaction receipt you want to get the session ID.

On the receipt, you’ll find your Access Bank 30 digits session ID. You can generate it for download, then print it out for future reference.

Get Session ID on Access Bank Mobile App

To get your Access Bank 30 digits session ID, login to your mobile banking app and tap on History at the button of your dashboard.

In the History page, search for the particular transaction in question and tap on the receipt to view more details.

On the receipt, you’ll see your transaction session ID. You can save it as PDF or on your WPS.

Find Access Bank Session ID via Email

This is another method to find/get your transaction session ID from Access Bank. If you’re the type that receive alerts and notifications via email address, then you can get your 30 digit session ID via Receipt sent to your email.

If you’re not getting alerts and notifications via email, you can read this tutorial to learn how to link your Email Address to your Access Bank. You can also skim through this article to learn the advantages of Email Alerts & Notifications over SMS Alert & Notifications.

To get your Access Bank session ID via Email, open your E-mailing app and search for the particular transaction receipt in question. Tap on the mail to view the receipt. Tap on the receipt and it’ll automatically redirect you to open the file on Google drive.

There, you’ll get all information about the transaction including the 30 digits unique session ID.


What is Session ID in Bank?

A session ID is a 30 digits code that’s linked to a successfully initiated transaction. Session ID can be used to trace a successful-but-not-received transfer in any bank.

Is session ID the same as reference number?

No! A reference number or reference ID is a referral code that’s used by bank marketers to refer customers to the Financial Institution. Session ID, on the other hands is a unique identification code that’s generated for every successfully initiated transactions in a bank.


As you can see that getting/finding session ID on Access Bank Account is a very simple task. By searching via email if you receive alerts via email address, you can easily get your 30 digits session ID.

Through Access Bank Mobile Application, you can get your transaction session ID and through Internet banking, you can find your session ID.

In a nutshell, Access Bank Session ID can be find anywhere you see your transaction receipts.

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