How to Edit Messages in WhatsApp [Guide for iPhone and Android]

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WhatsApp Chat Edit Feature
How To Edit Message in WhatsApp

Meta, parent company of WhatsApp has recently introduced the ability to edit WhatsApp chat after it’s been sent. This feature that allows you to edit sent messages within a specified timeframe is available for both iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp, is a Meta-owned company, and it’s arguably the most popular Messaging app in the world. The social media platform offers a wide range of features to enhance users’ chatting experience.

The Edit-chat feature has been available on competitor messaging apps like Telegram, Apple Messages, and Slack, but WhatsApp has now joined the crew as it now allows users to edit their chats, fixing typos, mistakes, or adding missing information.

You can edit a WhatsApp chat as many times as you want within the timeframe of 15-minute. The edited messages will be known to the recipients running the most recent version of the messaging app. You can’t edit WhatsApp Chats on the Web app yet. However, the company is said to be testing it in beta phase on WhatsApp Web.

Edit Messages in WhatsApp via iOS and Android.

To edit WhatsApp’s Chat on iPhone or Android, follow the steps highlighted below.

Edited Chat in WhatsApp
Edited Message in WhatsApp

1. Update your WhatsApp App to Latest Version.

This is the first step to take for using the Edit-chat feature on WhatsApp. Hence, to get the latest version of WhatsApp, go-to your Android Google Play Store to update your WhatsApp.

For iOS users, go-to your iPhone Apple store to update your WhatsApp app.

Once the messaging app is updated, then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Launch WhatsApp and Navigate to Chats.

Once your WhatsApp has been updated successfully, then launch the app and head over to DM to edit chats.

However, do note that this feature only works for chat conversation. You cannot edit chattings/conversations in Group.

3. Location and press-hold the Conversation.

In the DM, locate the chat you want to edit, press-hold it until it pop out a three-dot menu.

Tap on the dots menu and you’ll see a prompt menu of options at the top of your screen. Look for the “Edit” button and tap on it to proceed.

4. Choose the Edit Option

In the prompt menu that appears, tap Edit and begin to make corrections to your messages. Edit the conversation as desired, rectifying any errors or adding the missing information.

Once you’re done with the necessary changes, tap on Send button to save and send the edited messages.

WhatsApp will update the chat with the edited text, and the recipients will see the corrected version of the message.

Benefits of Edit-Chat on WhatsApp

Aside the fact that you’ll be able to make corrections to typing mistakes such as typos and misspelling after sending a message, the messaging app will also mark Edited chats as edited on the message box to make the recipient aware of the correction without showing edit history.

Furthermore, Meta, the parent company of the messaging app, had made it cleared that the capability of editing a message on WhatsApp “has started rolling out globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.”

However, it’s sad that this WhatsApp’s Edit Chat Feature is not applicable to Group Chat & Conversation. Notwithstanding, you can enjoy more comfortable and seamless communication with the latest handy feature on WhatsApp.

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