How to Change My Kuda Phone Number

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Changing of Phone Number on Kuda Bank App

Although phone number Kuda Bank isn’t as useful as it is on our traditional banks. Kuda bank phone number can be used to authenticate transactions when you’re trying to make payment from a third-party platforms.

But for normal banks in Nigeria, phone number is used for receiving alerts and notifications, and to authenticate transactions from a third-party platforms. 

Furthermore, many Kuda app users have misplaced or lost their Kuda registration number. In this case, the best option is to change the phone number on Kuda Bank App.

Linking an active phone number to your Kuda Bank Account is a very important step to take. Especially when the bank want to get in touch with you. And as previously stated, it’s used as an authentication methods from a third-party payment platforms.

The Kuda Bank credit/debit alerts, and notifications are usually made through the In-app notification. The bank don’t send alerts and notifications via phone number.

Therefore, phone number on Kuda Bank is usually used for code authentication and authorization. It can also be used to carry-out USSD transactions.

If you want to know how to change your Kuda Bank Phone Number, then you’ll need to read this tutorial to the end. Now, without much Ado, let’s dive into the primary reason of this article.

How to Change Kuda Bank Phone Number

Here’s the simple step-by-steps instructions to change your Kuda Bank Phone Number:

  • Login to your Kuda Bank App
  • Tap on your PROFILE
  • Tap on your Phone Number to Edit
  • Erase the previous Number and input the new phone number you’d love to use
  • A verification code will be sent to the new number, enter the code for confirmation and tap on continue.
  • A pop-up notification will appear that you’ve successfully changed your phone number.

This is just the simple process to change your Kuda Bank Account Phone Number.

Kuda Bank Phone Number

On Kuda Bank App, you can change your phone number, names, transaction PIN, password, Email Address, and Next of Kin.

Meanwhile, it’s advisable to ensure that you avoid errors at the point of account registration. Make sure that you cross-check all details to be sure you aren’t making any mistakes.

I’m saying these because, sometimes, policy might changed and these features will not be available. By that time, you may need to contact Kuda support team to change your phone number on the Neobank.

In summary, Kuda Bank is the first mobile-only bank in Nigeria. It classifies itself as Bank of the free because it offers user 25 free transfer every months. All the banking services that Kuda offers are based online. That’s, no physical locations is required to use Kuda Bank.

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