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Google Domain is Shutting Down, Migrating Domains to Squarespace

Google Domains and Squarespace
Google Domains Migrate to Squarespace

Google has announced that it domain registrar platform, Google Domains is officially shutting down – Squarespace is officially buying off the Google Domains business.

Google Domains is a domain registration platform for over 10 millions domains worldwide. Squarespace, on the other hand, is a website builder just like WordPress.

Squarespace acquiring Google Domains will let users to build website from scratch and link it to a domain in the same dashboard.

However, for all Google Domains owners, their domains will be transferred to, and managed by, Squarespace, and in order to ease the transition, the company says it will honor Google’s current renewal prices for at least 12 months. 

Although, it’s not clear whether Squarespace will definitely increase Domain price after this period has passed. Users will also get incentives to use Squarespace’s website-building tools.


Google Domains owners don’t have to worry about domain migration, as all domains will be transferred by Google to Squarespace in the Backend.

Furthermore, users who uses Squarespace as a website builder don’t have to bother about buying a Domain from another registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy, as Domain and Hosting are now available on Squarespace being managed in one dashboard.

However, do note that Squarespace has stated that “it will honor Google’s current renewal prices for at least 12 months.” This means domain renewal price may change after the completion of that 12 months.

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