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What is Session ID in Bank?

Bank Session ID

What is a Session ID in Bank?

A Session ID is a 30 digit codes used as identifier that is generated for bank transactions when a payment is successfully initiated. A session ID is used by banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria to trace and track every successful and unsuccessful transactions. 

Here is a typical example; if a session ID of a transfer is kindly provided to a customer, they will be able to follow through with their bank and get the transaction in question refunded to their balance, that’s exactly how bank session ID works for customers. 

However, do note that if a session ID is less than 30-digit numbers, kindly refrain from sharing it with your recipient/customer because their bank will be unable to make use of the ID to trace/track the particular transaction from their Backend.

30 digits bank session ID

Here is how to find session ID in Bank;

First of all, to get a session ID from your bank account, go to the Transfers History on your mobile banking app either or login to your internet banking account.

Next, search and tap on the particular Transaction receipts in question, then, you’ll find the session ID  on the pop-up page with the transfer details.

The 30 digits session ID is used to link each transaction to the bank session into which it was entered, making it possible to track the origin of any entry. For example, if you print a bank statement, the session ID for each debit and credit will be listed in the report.

Another way to find session ID of a transaction is through Email. If you’re the type that receive alert via email, you can simple sign in to your e-mailing app and search for the particular transaction receipt to get it session ID

However, It’s worth mentioning that the session ID and transaction ID are different from reference number. Reference Number is a unique referral code of the person that invite you to the bank.

If money is sent but not delivered to the recipient bank account, the sender should contact the bank or generate the session ID of the transfer to trace and track the transaction. They can also contact the recipient’s bank for more enquire if the money has been received.

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