List of Nigerian Banks that’s Not Safe to Save Money

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Nigerian banks system being hacked

The one certain question you’ll probably first ask when you read the headline is how can Nigerian banking infrastructures be this vulnerable yet General Managers get paid millions of dollars.

Could this be carelessness, or these people are getting paid while doing nothing? We’ve detailed this article to explain why millions of naira get missing from customers’ accounts without any traces.

We’ve compiled this article from a cyber-security expert, Sennaike David who has exposed how vulnerable Nigeria’s banking system is to opened to hackers, and about 90% of banks in Nigeria fall victim to this. More so, 43 banks are critically affected including their banking customers.

Here are list of banks with different Authorization in Nigeria that are exposed to being hacked.

Earlier this year, I pop into an article on the dark web stating that they were selling the private data of a Nigerian fintech, access to servers, username and password and API keys, and private customer data.

Nigerian Fintech hack

Meanwhile, that was small, according to David, he said “The ones that actually got my attention are”:

About 70 percent of Nigerian banks run vulnerable versions of Cisco VPN and Forti IOS. These vulnerable versions enables users to read the session details of the VPN users and the content of VPN servers. Many banks have their users connect from the outside into the bank using these VPNs to perform tasks. 

Access was gotten for some, while I decided not to exploit everyone because the sheer number of banks running these vulnerable VPNs was overwhelming.

…Search for leaks on GitHub and be surprised by the number of valid passwords and usernames of bank servers and staff being leaked to everyone. At least 99% of banks had a valid leaked password on GitHub. Think about how easy it is to get details of your organization on GitHub. Type: the “” password and see interesting passwords belonging to that bank.

In a nutshell, since your bank is this exposed to vulnerability, your login username and password are not safe enough to keep your money safe from being moved by hackers.

That’s why it’s advisable to authorize 2step authentication to further secure your account from Hackers.

Even if your username and password is leaked, anyone who try to use it will be blocked by the 2-step Authentication that’s enabled on the bank account.


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