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Is Transaction Reference Number the same as Session ID?

bank system transaction reference number. session id, and reference id

Hello guys! Today, I’m going to discuss the terms “Transaction Reference Number” and Session ID. Many people have been asking the different between these two bank terms. Some people say the are the same, while some says they are different from each other entirely.

Whatever your case might be, I’ll enlighten you more about bank session ID and transaction reference number. But before I dive totally to the primary reason of this article, I’ll like you to share this article at the of reading. Also make sure you drop a comment before you leave.

What is Bank Session ID?

A session ID is a 30-digit unique code that is generated for every transactions initiated in a financial institution. Session ID can be find in every transaction receipt in your mobile banking app. It can also be find on the receipt sent your registered email or via internet banking.

Session ID can be used by banks to trace and track hanged or not-reversed money. A session ID is generated whenever a transaction is initiated; the transaction might be successful or unsuccessful. But, immediately the payment is initiated, a session ID will be generated.

What is Transaction Reference Number?

A reference number of a transaction is a unique identifier codes that’s associated to every transaction initiated in a bank account. Similar right? Well, don’t get it twisted. I’ll explain further. All you need now is continue reading and keep noting the key points.

Transaction reference number is also used by financial institutions to trace and track any transaction entry when hanged or not reversed. The transaction reference number can be find in every transaction receipt in a bank. it can also be find in a bank account statement.

What is Reference ID?

The reference ID is different totally to reference number of a transaction and session ID in bank account. Reference ID is a unique referral code of a banker/person that open or introduced you to that bank account. The person can a friend, family, colleague or your account manager.

A reference ID is used when you’re opening an account. However, it’s optional. If you don’t have a reference ID when filling account opening form, you can omit it.

Is Transaction Reference/Reference Number the same as Session ID?

The Session ID and Transaction Reference Number are the same in bank system. Although banks uses them differently. For instance, United Bank for Africa (UBA) may refers to the unique 30-digit code as session ID while First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) may call it reference number.

Both can be seen in a transaction receipt of a bank account or in an account statement. As for people searching for reference number and session id are seen on their receipt, it’s still the same thing.

The only different is the Reference ID which is the unique referral code of a banker that present you the account. In other words, Transaction Reference Number and Session ID are the same while Reference ID is different from them.


Now, you should know the differences between reference number of a transaction, session id and reference id in bank system. For further clarification, you can always contact your bank.

Thanks fir reading this detailed article. I hope you enjoy? Please share this article to your friends and families, drop a comment before you leave, and join our social media platform to get our latest banking and finance scoops. Cheers!

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