Is Payday App Legit: Here are things you need to know about Payday App

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Payday App Review

Payday app review: The digital payment system is one the most trusted payment service in Nigeria, and Africa at large. The Payday app is a new digital payment and remittance platform in Africa that enables swift borderless online payments across countries of Africa.

The Payday app was built to bridge the gap between the present and the future turns of financial services in helping African to carryout payment services easily. More so, Payday Africa is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of sending payment in Africa at zero-charge rate. The payment service also offers free virtual dollar cards to carryout limitless online transaction anywhere VISA or MasterCard is accepted.

The app possess a good and user-friendly interface. In other words, the Payday Africa app comes with convenience of use to sending and receiving money, both locally and internationally, via mobile application and desktop.

The Payday mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is also available at other apps store. With Payday Mobile App, users are allowed to take full control of their transactions, create virtual dollar card for online purchases, and pay bills.

Despite all these amazing features and benefits of Payday app, a lot of people still don’t trust this payment app. They are still wondering if the app is legit or not. Well, I explore this article for the purpose of reviewing the Payday app to you. 

Through this article, you’ll be able to know whether the payday app is legit or not. Now, without much Ado, let’s dive into the primary reason of the article.

What is Payday app and how does it works?

Payday app is a payment remittance in Africa that allows user to send and receive cross-border payment in the continent. The payday app works by offering global payment infrastructure for Africans to send and receive money to/from anywhere worldwide .

The services of this payment platform resonate with the basic financial needs of people, especially Africans, to have seamless transactions anytime they use the Payday App. In summary to how it works, you can take control of all your transaction in one dashboard, create a virtual card for online payment and keep track of your inflow.

Is Payday App Legit?

The Payday app is a legitimate payment platform that’s registered and licensed under the United State of America Regulation. Although, the app is new and hasn’t had a lot of user’s review right now but the app is a good and scam-free payment service.

However, it’s important for you to research about a particular payment service before you trust them to invest in their platform. More so, there has been reports that some users are experiencing technical downtime or delays with the app which has raised concerns among users.

Is Payday App Legit in Nigeria?

Yes, Payday app is not only a legit remittance payment service in Nigeria, it can be used in other African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and many more countries in the world including United State, United Kingdom and Canada. The app is new and it’s advisable to do some research before investing in the app.

In summary, the Payday app is available for Nigerians. The app can be used to send and receive money from other part of the world, make online purchases on foreign websites, and carryout  multiple currency conversion.

Payday App Download

The Payday app can be download on your favorite app stores. But for me, I love to download my mobile applications from Google play store for my android device, and Apple app store for my iOS devices.

Furthermore, download the Payday app from Google play store and iOS app store. Once you finished downloading the mobile app, you can go ahead and create an account to start using the global money transfer service.

Payday Sign Up

To start using the Payday app, you’ll need to sign up an account on the Payday website or download the mobile app on the app stores. More so, you can follow the below step-by-steps instructions to create an account.

  • Download the Payday app or visit the official website at
  • Accept the security Terms and Conditions
  • Tap on Join Payday and fill-in your personal information
  • Input your email address and create a unique password
  • Confirm your email address by inputting the OTP code sent to the email address
  • Tap on Continue and choose a Tag (PayTag)
  • Next, set up your payment PIN and confirm the PIN to complete your account registration.

These is just the simple process to sign up Payday Account via mobile app or website.


The Payday App is a Legit and Scam-free remittance payment service that operates in most Africa countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya. The payment service is also available in the US, UK and Canada.

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