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How to Link Gmail to GTBank Account

GTBank Account and Linking of Email

Linking of Gmail to GTBank Account can be done in two ways;

  1. Link via GTBank Self Service
    • Link via Internet banking
    • Link via GTWorld mobile banking app
  2. Link through GTB Customer Care

However, initially when opening your GTB account, you’ll have the option to add your mobile number and email address. Although it’s not compulsory to add both but either of the two must linked. More so, the purpose of linking email and phone to GTBank account is to ensure that customer receive alerts of every transaction carried out on the account.

For those that doesn’t add email to their GTB account during opening of account, this article now got you covered. I have explored how you can easily link your Email/Gmail address to your GTBank Account in two ways.

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Link Email via Internet Banking

Follow this steps to link email to your GTBank Account Online.

  • Login to your GTBank Account online using your user ID and password
  • Navigate to your ”Account Profile” and tap on “New Request”
  • Type in a valid email address you wish to link your account and tap on Next to continue
  • Enter answers to your security questions and tap on Next
  • Review all information whether they’re correct, then tap on confirm
  • Input your token code to authorize the change.

These is just the simple process to add email address to GTBank account online/internet banking.

Link Email via GTWorld Mobile Banking App

To link a gmail address to GTbank account, follow this process;

  • Login your GTBank Account via mobile banking app using your unique user ID and password
  • Tap on “Menu” and click on “Self Service”
  • Tap on your “Profile” to review your customer information
  • On your profile page, tap on “New Request”
  • Type in your valid Email address and confirm the change
  • Next, input your PIN to authorize the change.

These is just the process to link email address to GTbank account via Mobile banking app online.

Contact GTBank Customer Care to Link Email Address

Contacting GTB customer care representative is another way to link email address to your GTBank Account is you don’t know how to use the self service. To link your email to your GTB account, kindky contact GTB customer care through any of the below mediums;

  1. Email: GTconnect@gtbank.com or Complaints@gtbank.com
  2. Call: +234-1-4480000 or 08029002900 or 08039003900

Once you contact GTbank, a customer representative will get to you within 24hours to see to your your enquiries.


By following any of the process describe above, you’ll be able to link your email address to your GTBank Account. Another way to add email to your account is by visiting any GTBank branch near you. Just walk to the counter and describe that you want to link email to your account, and it’ll be sorted out for you immediately.

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