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How to get session ID from UBA (Step-by-steps Process)

How to get UBA 30 Digit Session ID

UBA session ID is a 30 digit identification numbers that’s linked to every transaction receipt in your bank account. It can be used to trace and track every transaction entry in any financial institutions in Nigeria. Session ID is generated for every successful and unsuccessful transfer of a bank account.

To get/find your UBA session ID is a very simple task. You can simply search your UBA session ID via receipt sent via Email. You can also find and get it via UBA Moblie-banking App and via UBA iBank (Internet Banking).

Here’s How to get UBA session ID via Email:

If your account receive alert via registered email address, you can kindly go-to to your email app, search for the particular transaction you want to get the session ID, click on the receipt and find the session ID/transaction ID.

Here’s how to get UBA session ID through Mobile Banking App:

To get it via UBA Mobile app, login your account to the banking app, tap on history and search for the particular transaction and Tap on the receipt to view more details. You will find the session ID in the receipt.

Here’s how to get your UBA Session ID via iBANK:

To get UBA session ID via internet banking, login your account using your user ID/username and password. Navigate to Transactions History and tap on the transfer in question to view more details, you’ll find the session ID there in.

UBA Internet Banking

There are other possible means to find and get UBA session ID. But in simple and best way, you can get your UBA transaction/session ID anywhere you find your transaction receipt. Simply check the receipt, you’ll definitely see your session ID – It’s a unique code used for tracking every transaction entries in bank.

In summary, getting your UBA session ID will help you to trace your missing money within banks. If you transfer money to other banks in Nigeria and the recipient couldn’t get the funds, you can simply generate the transfer session ID and send to the beneficiary bank for proper checking of records.

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