How to dispute a transaction on UBA mobile app

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UBA  dispute request or charge back request usually happens when transaction on the mobile banking app fail and you’re debited. To solve this issues, you’ll need to dispute the transaction on the mobile app online.

The UBA mobile banking application allows customers to perform money transfer, payment of bills, mobile and data top up, flights ticket booking, an lot more.

However, for every transaction initiated on the UBA mobile app, a session ID will be generated for purposes of tracking the transaction for future references. 

For instance, if one of your transaction failed, you can easily dispute such transaction and the financial institution in question will use the transaction ID (also known as Session ID) to trace and track the transaction.

In other words, every transaction perform on your UBA account is recorded, and can be trace by any financial institutions in Nigeria using the transaction session ID. To access your session ID, you can simply view it on your UBA mobile banking app.

More, so, the UBA application can be downloaded on your favorite apps store. For me, I prefer downloading my mobile applications from Google play store and iOS app store for my iPhone. But, if you want to know how to dispute a transaction on the UBA mobile app online and more, you’ll have to read this article to the end.

How to dispute a transaction on UBA mobile app online.

There are two different ways to dispute a transaction on the UBA , and they are;

  1. File a dispense error form
  2. Contact UBA customer care representative

File a dispense error Form

The UBA Dispense Error Form can be filled in two ways, and they are;

  1. Redacting UBA dispense error online
  2. Visiting bank branch to file a dispense error form

How to quickly redact UBA dispense error form

  • First of all, download the up-to-date UBA dispense error 2023 form from Dochub.
  • Once downloaded, open the form with file editor (like WPS). The File editor will give you chance to edit the file.
  • Next, edit the UBA chargeback request form and fill in the necessary information required.
  • Input your signature where necessary. You can also upload your signature as image.
  • Once completed, download the charge-back form and forward it via email to UBA customer care center.
  • Open your E-mail app and send the filed form to
  • An automatic email will be sent back with 2 hours stating they have received your request and you’ll be generated ticket ID.
  • Finally, a customer care representative will contact you with 48 hours regarding your request and with further instructions.

That’s jus the simple step-by-steps process to submit UBA chargeback request form online.

How to get Chargeback Request Form in UBA

  • Visit any UBA branch near you
  • Walk to customer care desk and request for “Dispense Error Form” or “Chargeback Request Form”
  • Fill in all the necessary requested. These information may includes account number, account name, date of transaction, session ID e.t.c.
  • Next, submit the form back to the customer representative that gave you the form.
  • Let him/her cross check it and confirm you fill-in all the details correctly before you take your leave.
  • It may take 7 business days before money is refunded back to your UBA account.

Using this process, you’ll definitely get UBA to refund your money successfully without hassles.

Contact UBA customer care

Another method to dispute a transaction on UBA mobile app is by contacting the bank customer care representative. However, you’ll need to provide the transaction date, amount, session ID, account number and account name.

Once you get all those information from your UBA app, then you can go ahead and contact the UBA customer care through the below mediums;

  • Email:
  • In app chat button

You should provide all the required details about the transaction to fasten the process of refund and avoid unnecessary questions and may cause delays.

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