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How to Change OPAY Account Number (Phone Number)

How to change OPay Account Number and Phone Number

Hello boss, are you looking for ways to changing your OPay Account Number? Or you want to change your OPay phone number? In this tutorial, we got you covered. Everything you need to change your OPAY Account Number and Phone Number has be explained in this article.

Before we get started, I want you to know that changing of OPAY Account Number is simple but required strick process and requirements. Although, you can easily change alert and notification phone number on OPAY Account, but to change phone used as Account number is a bit difficult.

OPAY is a mobile money service bank that let you to send and receive money directly into your e-wallet. You can also use OPay to pay for other services like cable TV subscription, buying of data and airtime, among others.

This Fintech app is built and developed by Opera Group, a software company and parent company of Opera Mini browser. OPay was launched in August, 2018, and since its inception, the mobile money app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

To start using the OPay app, you’ll need to head over to your favorite app store – preferably, Google play store or iOS app store. Download the app and register an account using your phone number. This number will then be used as your account number.

If for some reason you want to change your OPAY Account Number, you’ll need to continue reading this tutorial because there are some certain things to put in place before this could be done. As you know that OPay is licensed By the CBN and deposition regulated by the NDIC, you cannot just change your OPAY phone number as it’s already registered at these bodies ends.

However, there are ways to go around changing your OPay phone number used as account number. So, without much Ado, let’s dive into the primary reason of this tutorial.

Helpful Tips to Change OPAY Account Number

As you already know that changing or editig phone number on OPAY is not an easy thing to do, here are some helpful tips you need to first try before deciding on taking steps further to change your OPAY Account Number.

1. Retrieve your Lost SIM Card: If you lost your OPay registered SIM card, go retrieve it immediately.

2. Create New OPAY Account: If you cannot retrieve your lost OPAY SIM card, you can create another OPay Account immediately to replace that one. Meanwhile, you can only open another account if you haven’t done the KYC verification on the first account.

3. To change OPAY Account Number on the Opera News Hub, you’ll need to contact the support team of Opera News Hub publishers. They’ll further help you to change your OPAY Account Number on their system.

Furthermore, to make it confidential and being security-conscious , OPay don’t allow their users to edit their account number by themselves. That’s, you can’t change your Opay account number anyhow, you must follow the due legal processes to do so.

Legal Documents to Changte your OPAY Account Number

To change your OPAY Account Number, there are three legal required documents you’ll need to submit. They are;

  1. Police Report
  2. National Means of Identification Card
  3. Affidavit

Here are requirements to change your OPAY Account Number:

Police Report

This is the first thing you need to provide when trying to change your OPAY Phone Number. Go-to police station and request for report stating that you don’t have access to the old phone number due to reasons such as stolen phone or misplaced of SIM card.

National ID Card

You’ll also need to submit your National Means of Identifications. These includes National Identity Card, National Identity Number NIN, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License and International Passport. You can submit any of this document, but make sure the information on the document is tally with the ones on your OPay account.


Next, you’ll be required to provide sworn Affidavit stating that;

  • You are not authorized to use the old phone number; (put the phone number in question) and indicate the new phone number you want to use.
  • You authorize OPay to transfer the balance of OPay’s old wallet to the new wallet. And all KYC information will be transferred to the new number.

Once you’re done gathering these documents, then you can proceed to change your OPay Account Number Easily.

How to Change OPAY Account Number

To change your OPAY Account Number, follow the below instructions.

  • Gather these three documents; Police Report, Valid ID card, and Court Affidavit.
  • Snap them with your phone camera
  • Go-to your email app and create new outbox message
  • Upload all the documents and title your email “CHANGE ACCOUNT NUMBER”
  • Send it to antifraud@opay-inc.com from your OPay account email address.

It may take the OPay customer care upto 7 business days to see to your situation. If any further information is required, you’ll need to provide it.

How to Change OPAY Phone Number

Don’t get it twisted. Your OPay phone number is the one used as your account number right? This same number is also used for receiving alerts and notifications. So, you can change the phone number for receiving alerts and notifications separately without affecting the account number.

To change your OPAY phone number, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your OPay Mobile banking app
  • Tap on Me at the bottom of your dashboard
  • Tap on your profile icon and click on Edit
  • Scroll down to find phone number. Tap on it to edit it and change it to new number.
  • Once you’re done, tap on SAVE.

You’ve successfully changed your OPAY phone number. You’ll be able to receive alert and notification via the new number. However, this process doesn’t change your OPAY Account Number. To do that, follow the steps above.

Lastly, it’s also important to mention that how to change OPay Account Number is different from HOW TO CHANGE YOUR OPAY ACCOUNT NUMBER ON OPERA NEWS HUB.


How can I Change my OPAY Account Number to Another Number?

To change your OPAY Account Number to New one, you’ll need to provide these three documents; Police Report, Valid ID Card and Court Affidavit. Then submit it to antifraud@opay-inc.com with “Change of Account Number” as title of the email.

Why can’t I change my OPAY Account Name?

Changing of OPAY Account Name cannot be done manually by users. You’ll need to send a request to change name to OPAY customer support.

How can I edit my OPAY Account?

To edit your OPay account information, login to your OPay account via app, tap on Me tab and tap on your profile icon. Tap on Edit to start editig your profile.

How to delete OPay Account?

You’ll need to send a request to delete your OPay Account to customer care via email. Title the email as “Request To Delete My Account”. The team will get in touch within 24 for further enquiries on why you want to delete your OPay Account.

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